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    @gabrieldepaula I believe given how often our info gets sold these days, it's not impossible. But no, I don't believe he has a friend at Rockstar.
    Either way feel free to suck a dick retard.

    21 ноември 2020
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    @Killatomate I hear ya. I won't buy GTA 6 when it comes out, I'll just pirate it. There's cracks out for GTA5, try one of those? P.S. Want to know why GTA5 requires us to be online in order to play? Because Rockstar sells our personal data, they do so while you're connected (there was a post on Steam discussion boards about that, the guy reported a friend of his at Rockstar admitted it).
    Anyway, great mod, but yeah, screw Rockstar Games.

    27 октомври 2020
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    Please make him a killable ped. Nobody with a brain likes this stupid asshole.

    14 октомври 2020
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    @V3ry_H1GH Well, I don't like shitting on someone's mod in their own page...but I do prefer Visual Vanilla. If you've never tried VisualV before though you could always uninstall it if you don't like it, some people like this mod a lot.
    @_CP_ No offense, but the particle count bug with rain is a bug I had reported to the Visual Vanilla author, who properly credited me for the fix. Although he gave me credit for the bug-fix you didn't...how about giving credit where it's due? I don't think that's asking much.

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    @V3ry_H1GH Visual Vanilla is already built on top of this mod, using both would be redundant.

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    Rated a 5 as I know this is a very useful tool. Unfortunately, I'm too dumb/lazy to get SlimShader to compile and work. If anyone is willing to extract the shaders from update.rpf\common\shaders\win32_40_final\ in readable format (as in, use this tool to extract the .o files, then use SlimShader to parse them into readable format), I'd be willing to paypal/vemo someone a few bucks for the assist. The re-compiling part I can do on my own just fine.

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    @razera That's more than a tad rude. If he hasn't changed the look of the game, then I think it's safe to say he already achieved the look he was going for. If it's not broken don't fix it.
    Giving the mod author 5 stars, both because it's a good mod and because I know how un-rewarding mod-making is sometimes...

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    Whatever you want to call it, I'm not so much interested in anything beyond what I mentioned.

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    Great work. I've been wanting to create an adult-themed mod myself, but since I can't figure it out I'm hoping you or another mod author might be interested in creating something like this:
    *There seems to be a bug (or a feature...) in GTA5 where prostitutes won't always get into your car, no matter how many times you beep at them, I hope someone fixes that
    *Ability to override the fact that some of the vanilla strippers won't go home with you, I imagine there is cut content that would have let any of them do it (and I realize you can override that with this current mod)
    *The game has some restrictions regarding first-person view when interacting with strippers and prostitutes, hoping someone removes those too.

    Anyway, back to the mod you've made, again, really good job.

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    @Stryfaar You're very welcome. As for my own visual mod, nah, in fact, I'm going to create a different mod, though it would be a script-mod and so far I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding how the GTA5 scripts work.
    Question: in shadows.ini there is a line that reads "OneShadowMode", what is it's function?