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  • D30a12 trevor4

    @iammistahwolf : That with ymaps suddenly some blocks spawn too late is indeed annoying, also a pity that we can indeed not know what could be the cause. Look, with codewalker you can't just put together a completely new building, Map Editor & Menyoo were many before to build buildings with. Look, with codewalker I can't just put together a completely new building, Map Editor & Menyoo were much earlier to build buildings with it. I wish I knew more about it but luckily it can also be done this way.

    14 февруари 2022
  • D30a12 trevor4

    @iammistahwolf : With ymap via custom_maps there are indeed blocks that load slowly before appearing. Sometimes it takes a while before the prop becomes visible. Have you tried the older version of Map Builder Community SP 1.04? I think you have to use the older one to get the base floors, these props were not present in the MB Discovery 1.07. The link is in the on this page. Furthermore, I don't know anything yet about converting maps to Code Walker.

  • D30a12 trevor4

    @leo_parsica_17 : Try the Map Editor version, it has some peds in the factory.

  • D30a12 trevor4

    Had completely forgotten about this cool mod, good that you updated it again. Build a race track later.

  • D30a12 trevor4

    @OmegaKingMods: Hi, I see you changed some of the props for Map Builder Discovery 1.07 for free. The pack is smaller (that's good thing for stability), but unfortunately some props are missing from my maps made with the older versions of Map Builder.

    It's about these important missing props: BLACK_STONE_TILES (missing the extra large tile, when I load a map I see smaller variant with a grayer texture) Maybe you can put the original BLACK_STONE_TILES prop back to the original texture and name the new smaller one for instance GREY_STONE_TILES?, and MOSAIC_STONE (it's now a block but was an extra large tile).

    BRICK_TILE_RED is missing (the one with tiling) and I see you've given the BRICK_PLAIN_WALL a darker texture. Maybe you can put this prop back to the original lighter color and name the new darker one BRICK_PLAIN_WALL 2, by the way the new dark texture of BRICK_PLAIN_WALL doesn't match with the THINBRICK_2X, maybe you can make a darker version of that too.

    Your new texture for DIRT_BLOCK is too orange, could you maybe bring back the old dirtier texture and name this new orange texture DIRT_BLOCK2? Then it is better suited for natural substrates & the textures for RED_BRICKS have been rotated, now all the masonry is vertically bricked:)

    It's a long list, but I hope you can extend the package for the free Map Builder with these missing props and fix some to ensure compatibility with older maps. Your new free version has most of the basic blocks for older maps but the missing ones would be very welcome, it takes a lot of work to replace some missing pieces with the new pack, the new blocks look good! but there shouldn't be any missing blocks in your new version of MB, otherwise we'll do all the work for nothing :) I'd like to keep working with the new version of Map Builder so I hope all the basic blocks stay the same.

  • D30a12 trevor4

    Happy new year, going to try it out soon.

  • D30a12 trevor4

    Also a few desk accessories were missing, these were in: v_res_binder, v_res_desktidy. I was able to identify them again with The Summer dlc. Maybe it's just useful to also put the entire V_res & V_ret from The Summer DLC back in your current recent objectlist to be sure.

    31 декември 2021
  • D30a12 trevor4

    @A1Draco : I was working on some maps but I saw that you don't have the food items at v_ret 247 in your current objectlist, could you add them later in? Because if you don't have these items in the list, they won't be recognized later when you save a map...and we might lose them and cannot search them with Map Editor. You had these props a while ago in The Summer DLC.

    These are the first v_ret 247 missing props in your objectlist: v_ret_247_bread1, v_ret_247_choptom, v_ret_247_flour, v_ret_247_ketchup2, v_ret_247_noodle1,v_ret_247_noodle2, v_ret_247_noodle3
    , v_ret_247_popcan2, v_ret_247_soappowder2, v_ret_247_swtcorn2, v_ret_247_tomsoup1, v_ret_247_tuna, v_ret_247_vegsoup1

    but there's another v_ret_24 part in The Summer dlc that begins with: v_ret_247shelves01, v_ret_247shelves02, etc. Could you put the whole v_ret part back into the objectlist? because there are important props in there. Hope you can make again a good complete object list, especially the basic GTA5 props that came early with the game are important for older Map Editor maps. Maybe you should leave the objectlist unvalidated to keep all the props?

    31 декември 2021
  • D30a12 trevor4

    @A1Draco : Well done, now just have to wait for the new Scripthook to work with it. Happy Holidays.

    16 декември 2021
  • D30a12 trevor4

    @A1Draco : Oops, I didn't see my post was there 3 times, some items from the v_club, v_ilev, v_med, v_res, v_ret, v_serv etc do indeed not spawn when I put them with Map Editor and reload the map but some of them do, there are still some quite a few useful doors and other interesting things in between.

    14 декември 2021