Gameconfig (1.0.1290.2) for Limitless Add-On Vehicles v11.0

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Hello guys! Please Read This Description

There is no way to make unlimited dlc so this gameconfig allows limitless vehicles not limitless dlc meaning combine the dlc's we make this clear don't complain about this there is no way or there is no other gameconfig

Game has a dlc limit so just don't tell me this is not limitless etc.. It is limitless if you know how to do it.Solution is very simple just combining the dlc's it seems confusing but its not try it and you will see the result.I have 1100 cars on this game and no crash issue no error nothing other things.So before the blame me everything please just think more and don't be afraid the working on game files just backup your update.rpf and play with it curiosity makes you experienced.

I decided to share my gameconfig file to you.

The config is compatible with IVpack,World of Variety,Kizakudo's bikes add-on Compilation Pack,Single Player Apartment,Single Player Garage,Yatch Deluxe,Premium Deluxe Motorsport Dealership,Benny Motorworks,Open all Interior,L.A. Roads etc (i use them but you can use with other mods too)

Installation Path: mods/update/update.rpf/common/data

Changelog V1.5 :
I added 3 version of traffic density; less, medium and heavy traffic.
And Remove the dispatch meta because its world of varietys dispatch file so if you want it you can download World of Variety i recommend it.

Changelog V1.6 :
Now bikes don't get out of memory error.And Kizacudo's 83 Bikes Add-On Compilation Pack compatible.

Changelog V1.7 :
Added Gta V original traffic density.For who wants to better fps. Less traffic more fps.
Remove the popgroups meta because its world of varietys popgroups file so if you want it you can download World of Variety i recommend it.

Changelog V1.8 (beta) :Remake it with new online updates expand storage and other few changes this is beta version because im waiting scripthook's new version to test it but probably it works

Changelog V1.8 :Added different traffic loads and for the request including v1.7 its compatible with older patchs. Enjoy!

Changelog V1.9 :Expand storage. Enjoy!

Changelog V2.0 :İncluding v1.7 and v1.8 because who has problem with v1.9. Enjoy!

Changelog V2.5 :Finally im done it its compability with new stunt update i hope you enjoy this.

Changelog V2.5.1 :its a test version with 2x traffic after your comments i will upload a other traffic densitys.

Changelog V2.6 :Missions fixed,phone internet and blackscreen fixed,mp maps fixed,spa working.0,5x Traffix density added.

Changelog V3.0 :Now its stable tested straight 13 hours its an acceptable time for a game which is changed mods. Im little tired this time 4 days in a row i try to make this stable and now im not say %100 but %90 stable and its important percentage by the way its a final update until the next gta dlc. Thanks for your supports i hope its works for you too. Enjoy!

And always asked or report issues on your comments i try to help all of you sometimes little late but i try to reach all of you.

Fixed Gta base traffic now its really base traffic mp maps work spa pdm work i made this just few value change so its the important part of this job few changes more stability.

About traffic density; if you choose the gta base traffic its same gta 5 traffic but you can add how many cars you want.Start with 1x taffic more vehicles on road choose whichever you want for your taste.

Changelog V3.5 :Nah i couldn't stop myself it must be done it must be made and i made it forget about everything about config this is whole another level

Now you can edit popgroups forget about all crashes its been made. Non crashed limithless added cars bikes planes all kind of things now its allowed. its purely all we want enjoy guys last 5 days maybe tough for me but its totally worth it im realy peaceful now so i hope you all feel what i feel after playing this i hope you all understand what im done.
V3.5 is different all the older versions but still i add them too but if you use this you never look back.

Changelog V4.0 (Alpha):This is the test version its worked so far after the scripthook updates i will add other versions. This has 2x traffic and the first time for me 2x peds enjoy !

Changelog V4.B : Added densities and little improvements enjoy !

Changelog V5.0 : Compatible with Import Export update

Changelog V5.1.B : I made a little improvements i add the other density after your feedback.

Changelog V5.1.1.B : Its more stable. improved stores i think its better now.

Changelog V6.0 : After heavy works online maps works again its more powerful now.

Changelog V7.0 : Now its ready for new update. And added my popgroups if you want to use it you can use but you will understand it little more time later.

Changelog V8.0 : Most powerful gameconfig i have ever made !!!

Changelog V9.0 : Still most powerful gameconfig.

Changelog V10.0 Alpha : Late is better than never huh ? ;)

Changelog V10.0 : Added densitys.

Changelog V11.0 : Compatible with Doomsday Heist update.

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