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    @GIAN_97 The values for the PedMemoryMultipliers and VehicleMemoryMultipliers are set to 500 for both of those lines on each gameconfig by default, both gameconfigs have the same values. You think I should mess around with those and increase the values? You don't think that will cause some other issues?

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    @YHWHDios I bookmarked that mod just in case but, I think I found the lines within the gameconfigs where I can do some ped and traffic increases. I'll do some gradual experimental increments on those lines and do some stability tests in game. Thanks for that link though.

    преди 14 часа
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    @Zima101 Yeah I know about Total Commander, I've used it in the past but, for the gameconfigs I'll stick with Notepad++, much easier to use plus I'm only looking for a couple of specific lines within the command structure in those gameconfig files, nothing big. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    преди 14 часа
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    @GIAN_97 I think you're right about that. I opened both gameconfigs side by side in Notepad++ and went straight to the <ConfigPopulation> section and I think I found the lines corresponding to ped and vehicles increases. There are two lines in particular in that section that have disimilar values for both gameconfigs. The <VehicleAmbientDesnsityMultiplier> and the <VehicleAmbientDensityMultipler_Base>, both of those have different values for each gameconfig. The game config from Dilapidated, the one that works with this mod, has the value set at "100" on the <VehicleAmbientDesnsityMultiplier> and only a mere "66" on the <VehicleAmbientDesnsityMultiplier_Base>, while the other gameconfig from F7YO, the values on that one are much higher, "300" on the <VehicleAmbientDesnsityMultiplier> and "210" on the <VehicleAmbientDesnsityMultiplier_Base> that's a big difference and I think that's why the game crashes with that one. What I'm gonna do, I'm gonna do some gradual experimental increments on the Dilapidated's gameconfig and see how high I can increase those values without getting the game to crash. Thanks a lot for that information, very useful.

    преди 14 часа
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    @Zima101 Thanks for that suggestion buddy but, the PedVariety and VehicleVariety values for the Rockstar settings is not for increasing ped and vehicle counts, that's only for increasing "variety" types of peds and vehicles. In order to increase the count that has to be done within the gameconfig itself. What I'm gonna have to do is compare the gameconfig from Dilapidated that works with this mod with the other one from F7YO that I used to have, side by side in Notepad++, and find the correct lines for that but, it's a tedius task to do because the gameconfig files are long, takes a long time to study them from top to bottom, specially when you're comparing two different ones side by side. It's not impossible but, it's just time consuming though.

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    @JRod First of all, let me just say that this new updated version is the most outstanding update thus far. This 1.9 "Forests of San Andreas" version does have noticeably more trees and I definitely loved the "mixed" trees version of it and for that I'll give it a nice 5 stars but I'm here in regards to the "gameconfig". My question here is not about your mod it's about the recommended gameconfig from "Dilapidated". There is no doubt Dilapidated's gameconfig works with this update however I've always been a loyal "F7YO" gameconfig downloader. His gameconfigs have always worked well with all of my gta 5 patches in the past and present. I attempted to try some of his for this "Forests of San Andreas" update and game crashed everytime. The Dilapidated's gameconifg I extracted from the "WOV" mod works wells, as you recommended, no crashes but, what I DON'T LIKE is that it tones down the vehicles and peds too much. The trees spawn nicely everywhere but, the traffic count looks too low and so does the ped population.

    Before I installed this new v1.9 update, I had the v1.8 installed with F7YO's "3x traffic 3x peds" and there was plenty of traffic everywhere and plenty of peds but, now since I installed this update, I can't use any other gameconfigs other than "Dilapidated's". I don't mind using his gameconfigs but, what I don't like is that it makes the game feel sort of like a basic Gta 5 "base" traffic/ped multiplier in game. Is there any way to increase at least the traffic with this gameconfig? Or, is this a question I should ask the non-responsive "Dilapidated", whom hasn't answered anybody's questions in more than two years?

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    @Pumucki It might be a good idea to provide a picture of the map location of this building because there are two similar buildings in two different locations. when I installed this one I thought the mod wasn't working because I went to the wrong location at downtown Los Santos by Stawberry / Carson Ave, it turns out this location is at Harmony town near the Grand Senora desert. Those two plazas are almost identical including the corner shack. Also, some of the dds files within the ytd files had to be resized including the dxt values on some of them because they were changed in the 1.0.1868 patch.


    > 1.0.1868 dds: os_ml_iddoor_0007, 256x256, DXT1, MipMaps: 7
    > mod's dds: os_ml_iddoor_0007, 512x512, DXT5, MipMaps: 8

    > 1.0.1868 dds: sc1_18_rsd_zm_01, 256x256, DXT1, MipMaps: 7
    >mod's dds: sc1_18_rsd_zm_01, 512x512, DXT5, MipMaps: 8

    > 1.0.1868 dds: sc1_18_rsd_zm_03_newsc1_18_rsd_zm_03, 512x1024, DXT5, MipMaps: 8
    > mod's dds: sc1_18_rsd_zm_03_newsc1_18_rsd_zm_03, 256x512, DXT1, MipMaps: 10


    > 1.0.1868 dds: sc1_18_rsd_zm_01, 512x512, DXT1, MipMaps: 8
    > mod's dds: sc1_18_rsd_zm_01, 512x512, DXT5, MipMaps: 8


    > 1.0.1868 dds: cs4_13_rs1_bw_entrancesigns, 512x512, DXT1, MipMaps: 8
    > mod's dds: cs4_13_rs1_bw_entrancesigns, 256x256, DXT5, MipMaps: 7

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    This mod does work! At first I made the mistake of changing the value from true to false in the DisableBusiness.ini because I thought changing it from true to false it wouldn't disable the Casino but, it's actually the other way around, if you change a value to false it will disable the casino and any other business you change the value to false. "true" means it won't disable the business and "false" means it will disable the business which is weird because the ini is called "DisableBusiness" so false should be no and true should be yes but, in this case "true" means it won't disable the business.

    For those who are having trouble with this mod first of all, leave the ini file that comes with the download as is and don't make any changes to it unless you want to disable a particular business. Just copy and paste directly to the 'scripts' folder without making any changes. Also, make sure you have the latest NativeUI.dll in the scripts folder as well, I have the installed. There is a more recent version of NativeUI, the 1.9.1 but, this mod works just fine with the 1.9.00. Everything goes in the 'scripts' folder: "DC&R" folder, DisableBusiness.ini and DRaC_Business.dll, all those files go in the scripts folder. Also make sure to enable MP maps in your trainer, otherwise you'll fall off the map.

    After the casino has been installed successfully and you can get in it you can then enhance the exterior with other mods. I installed the "Diamond Casino Exterior Scenario" mod by havokukbeats which ehnhances the neon signs, adds peds hanging out outside, around the pool and other areas: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/diamond-casino-exterior-scenario . You can also fix the front glass doors with this mod by thiagoanddradevitoria: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/casino-doors-for-entry-fix-ymap . If you wanna enhance the parking lot with some nice looking neon palm trees you can install this one by HeySlickThatsMe: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/diamond-casino-neon-palms .

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    Преди 6 дена
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @havokukbeats This little scenario ymt worked well for the casino. There're plenty of peds and cars outside the front entrance and some peds inside the main lobby but, I still can't get inside the damn casino itself. I already tried the "Diamond Casino & Resort" SP Add-On by Carl Johnson (Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/singleplayer-casino ), in the hopes to get inside the casino but, for some reason that mod didn't worked. Does the "Diamond Casino & Resort Business" mod by HKH191 opens up the casino and allows you to go inside in single player mode?

    Преди 9 дена
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    This is a simple ymap that fixes the front doors of the Diamond Casino lobby only, it DOES NOT lets you inside the casino itself! Keep that in mind!. In order to get inside the casino you will need another mod for that. You can still get inside the front lobby without this ymap but, the doors don't spawn when you load the "mp maps" in your trainer. If you load "mp maps" the front doors to this Casino look as if they were smashed and all the glass is gone and the entrance to the lobby it's just wide opened but, with this ymap installed at least it restores those front glass doors as they look in mp mode and makes it more legit in SP mode and for that I give thiagoandradevitoria credit for that however, like I said, don't expect to be able to get inside the Casino thru the inner doors though. You still need another mod that will give you access to the inside of the Casino. Thanks for the front lobby doors fix thiagoandradevitoria!

    11 февруари 2020