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    @BOPOHua Would it be possible to update this mod to have the option to switch from "First Person" directly to "Third Person Near" instead of "First Person" to "Third Person Medium? I usually use either "First Person" or "Third Person Near" because the character looks bigger, I almost never use "Third Person Medium" nor "Third Person Far" because those views make the characters too small on the screen and I'm sure lots of other players also prefer using the "Third Person Near" view as well. I would appreciate it you could make that happen in this mod possibly in the near future. Thanks!

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    @nenlee Eu nem sei de que mod você está falando, nunca vi esse tipo de erro antes e nada disso tem nada a ver com o HeapAjuster. Eu sei que existe um mod que permite criar objetos no mundo do GTAV usando o Map Editor, que é um arquivo .asi chamado: Object Spawn Unlocker. Com base no que estou vendo, você provavelmente está usando algum tipo de mod de desmembramento; se for esse o caso, você o instalou incorretamente ou talvez esteja faltando um arquivo necessário.

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  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @sjaak327 Yes both files are placed together in the main directory (not in 'scripts' folder).

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    @sjaak327 Last month I mentioned to you that the snow on the surface is not showing up automatically in the game at game start up, even though it's already enabled in the ini and you suggested running the game as administrator (Jan 21st) so I did that and launched the game as "administrator" to no avail. I still have to reset the "surface snow" feature in the menu (v15.8), even though, like I said, it's clearly enabled in the menu as you can see here > https://vimeo.com/912131079?share=copy

    So what else do you suggest about that issue at this point?

    12 февруари 2024
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    @nenlee Eles moveram alguns Shaders e outros tipos de dados para um segundo update.rpf (update2.rpf) no patch 1.0.3095 atual. Não sabia que o antigo 1.0.2699 tinha um update2.rpf, não me lembro se tinha, não tenho mais essa versão.

    07 февруари 2024
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    @nenlee A versão atual do Simple Trainer, a 15.7, funciona com os patches atuais e anteriores.

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    @nenlee Você pode tirar uma foto daquele link de vídeo que você disse que eu postei, porque não sei de qual link de vídeo você está falando e postei muitos links para diferentes tipos de vídeos aqui em diferentes páginas de mod.

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    @HKH191 What key exactly is the equivalent of the value "168" set in the "OPEN_MENU_KEY" in the ini? I looked everywhere on line at different virtual-key code websites and I can't find the specific key equivalent to value 168.

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    @sILVIu5753 I don't personally use the LSPDFR mod but I know the HeapAdjuster and the PackfileLimitAdjuster won't interfere with that mod plus the other two asi plugins, the PoolManager and the fwBoxStreamerVariable and decals limit patch, those won't cause problems with LSPDFR either because the PoolManager.asi deals with crashes related to memory pools and the fwBoxStreamerVariable_DecalsLimit-Patch.asi has to do with ymaps and just basically extent limits when someone has too many ymaps in their game, that's why I recommended installing that plug in also... so none of those will cause any issues with LSPDR. The only thing I can think of may be the gameconfig. I recommend using the gameconfigs from F7YO, which I mentioned in my comment, I use the "2x traffic 2x peds" gameconfig, which doubles the amount of vehicles and peds in the game, however maybe LSPDFR relies on stock traffic and peds, if that's the case then maybe you can try swapping the "2x traffic 2x peds" with the one in the "Stock Traffic (Gta base}" folder, which is a modified gameconfig that can handle mods but, still keeps traffic and peds at stock.

    By the way, I forgot to mentioned in my comment, when you download F7YO's gameconfigs there are two folders in there, one says "For More Mods" and the other one says "For Less Mods", always pick a gameconfig from the "For More Mods" folder and delete the other folder.