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    OK GUYS LISTEN UP!! As of 6/22/2021 (patch 2245), this mod still works. First of all, You need to replace the commas with decimals (dots) at the following values in the ini file, that's the first thing you gotta do:


    If you don't change the commas to decimals then the mod won't work.

    Second, For those of you who can't see the Fuel Bar on the screen that's because the fuel bar is kind of hidden underneath the radar map and barely visible. What you gotta do is change the values at the following lines in the ini as follows (You can always change 'em to your liking if you're not happy with my configuration):


    * The JAUGEX at 185 moves the bar away from the bottom of the map and moves it right next to it, making it visible (If you want to move it more to the right just increase the value).

    * The JAUGEY at 700 moves the bar just slightly upwards, from the bottom of the screen.

    * The JAUGEWIDTH at 150 makes the bar a bit longer than default (You can increase or decrease the lenght of it by changing the value on it).

    * The JAUGEHEIGHT at 50 makes the bar a bit thicker and better to see (You can change it to whatever width you want but I find that at 50 it's just fine to me).

    Once you do those two things in the ini file this mod becomes usable. I haven't tested refueling with Jerry can yet but, I will report on that very soon.

    Hope the info will help some of you.

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    @HKH191 I just noticed this has been updated and in the title it says "Unlock Player House Doors", does that mean I can now enter Trevor's house? Since I completed the game I've haven't been able to get into Trevor's house for some reason. It's always locked, unless I blow it up with a sticky bomb and sometimes even that doesn't work. I'm able to get into Michael's house and Franklin's house but, for some reason Trevor's house is always locked. Does this new update fixes that issue or the "Unlock Player House Doors" has to do with something else?

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    @LCBuffalo Mod works fine, as it should but there are two minor issues, in my opinion, that need some improvement. First of all, it is true that if you beep the horn while inside the taxi it does activates the "stock" taxi missions but sometimes you need to press the horn when the passengers get stuck outside. However when both missions are activated you end up picking up two totally different passengers at two totally different locations. It is doable but, you might consider implementing a "cancel" feature for the gta 5 default taxi missions in a later update to prevent that from happening if the horn is either accidentally or intentionally pressed while the mod is activated. The second thing that might need improvement is the color of the GPS route on the map. The color of the GPS route on the map is a light blue and it's hardly visible on the map. Maybe changing the color to a more solid color, possibly a solid blue or some other solid color will do the trick. Other than those two suggestions, this mod is great.....I give it nice 4 stars!

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    @adopcalipt You remember that ramp issue I mentioned to you before about the "Important Exports" mission, where the ramp doesn't have collision, can't drive the cars up the ramp onto the barge. I made a little demo video to show you what's happening > https://vimeo.com/555007493 Also, like I mentioned above, there's an issue with the convicts mission, read up so you'll know what I'm talking about. Sorry about all these feed backs but, that's how this mod gets better by reporting any glitches along the way. ;-)

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    @Patoche Would it be possible to make a simple ymap version of this bridge that can be added to the custom_maps dlc?

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    @adopcalipt I don't know what's going on but, for some reason whenever I do the "Convicts" mission, their singing gets stuck all the way until I deliver 'em to the prison. That didn't happened before with previous versions, it's happening with this v2.2 version for some reason and It's kind of annoying. I used to tune into my favorite custom radio stations while doing this mission and listen to my music but, now with the convicts singing constantly in the background I can't listen to any of my radio stations. It kind of sucks doing this mission now, for that reason. See if you can do something about that. Here's a demo video to show you exactly what's happening: https://vimeo.com/552689433

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    @BrandonYeets What I meant by conflict I mean sometimes certain mods that are similar may clash with each other and cause akward glitches and stuff. I don't think your mod clashes with the NYC Traffic signals mod but, I just wanted to make sure it doesn't. Anyways, thanks for your response on that. I'll install this one and do some tests and see what happens.

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    @BrandonYeets This mod looks interesting but, before I download I want you to do me a favor and check if this mod will conflict with yours in any way > https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/nyc-traffic-signals The reason I'm asking is because I already have the NYC Traffic signals mod installed and I don't want any conflicts between the two. If this one doesn't cause any conflicts with the NYC Traffic signals mod then I'll install this one as well but, first I want your opinion on that.

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    @JulioNIB I got a suggestion for you for a new mod, since you already did this one. What about a "Bigfoot" mod, doing a script where Bigfoot appears randomly throughout gta 5's wooded, forested areas around Mount Chiliad and such. There's already a mod like that done by jedijosh920:https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/bigfoot But, when you find the bigfoot it's just standing there like a dumb bigfoot and doesn't attempt to flee or attack you. If you can make a similar mod like that where the Bigfoot either flees or attacks you, that'll be a great mod.

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    @ShadoFax Do you know of any mod that displays the game's time right on the screen while in the game? I've being looking everywhere for a mod that does that but, thus far no luck.