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Your Own Storyline

This ASI plugin allows you to fully override the non-moddable YSC mission scripts, thus allowing Mission or Map Total Conversion mods to be made.

- Simple, fast scripting engine
- Automatic world cleanup: no user intervention needed to activate the mod, and no need to complete the Prologue prior to mod activation
- Built-in ability to save and reload game session and mission script state (16 savegame slots)

- ASI Loader
- ScriptHookV
- Optional: Any RPF editor (for the Menu Disabler)

Content available at this mod page
- The YOS plugin itself + optional Menu Disabler
- Advanced (v2) mission script compiler
- Sample mission scripts (for the v2 compiler)

Please note, that due to VirusTotal falsely flagging the basic (v1) mission script compiler as a trojan, it's no longer possible to upload it here. You can download it directly from my website: http://urhajozas.rf.gd/?select=LNK_GTAV_YOS_CMP

This mod is not guaranteed to be compatible with mission packs (which stick to the vanilla script), online trainers, or aanother aggressive scripting overhaul projects.

Hint for n00bs
This mod is not a mission pack or a storyline in itself; it's a scripting engine, designed to run special YOS scripts.
If you only see this mod as a requirement for another mod, then install it as an ordinary ASI plugin, and you're OK:
Otherwise, if you're a modder, and you plan to write your own storyline, then you'll also need to download the compiler and the script samples, and write your own storyline. You may also want to check out some open source mission packs for further inspiration.

Open Source
From the 2.0 version onwards, this mod is open source. You can view the source code at: https://github.com/JupiterKasparov/GTAV_YOS

Bug Reports and Version Compatibility
Unless otherwise noted, old saved games can be loaded with newer versions, without any problems, provided that your mission script remains unchanged.
Bugs should be reported either in comments, or as issues on the mod's GitHub page. However, if you decide to report a bug, you should be specific, use proper sentences, and write in English or Hungarian language only.

Change log
- 2.0 Update 1: Improved car saving accuracy. Not savegame-compatible with initial 2.0 version!
- 2.0 Update 2: Fixed critical bug: automatic wasted-busted gosub return service now works properly (it didn't work properly)!
- 2.0 Update 2b: Fixed critical bug: thread timers now get properly increased, regardless of the amount of 'wait' time.
- 2.0 Update 3: Fixed critical bug: GTA5-compatible (numeric) arrays now get saved properly. Removed redundancy from savegame structure. Not savegame-compatible with earlier versions!
- 2.0 Update 4: Fixed bug: YOS dynamic car generators active state now gets saved properly (there was a typo, dynamic car generators were always saved as active).
- 2.0 Update 5: Fixed developer oversight: mod will not always reset, if a loading screen pops up.
- 2.0 Update 6: Fixed critical bug: player will never get stuck at starting a new game (bug introduced with Update 5).
- 2.0 Update 7: Fixed critical bug: YOS custom restarts (hospital, police, override) now always work (the respwan controller didn't run for some reason; script functions are now merged into one).
- 2.1: Added several new functions and saveable properties.
- 2.1 Update 1: Fixed game crash with 'clear_mission_objects' function. Restored earlier version of world cleanup (now, without game crash).
- 2.2: Improved car saving accuracy (now fully works). Improved internal mod safety against 3rd-party script mods unloading models. Full revamp of mod data files.
- 2.2 Update 1: Further improved internal mod safety against 3rd-party script mods unloading models. Full revamp of statistics data file (statistics.dat).
- 2.2 Update 2: Fixed bug: 'draw_custom_texture' function now works properly (it didn't work). Scripts using that function must be recompiled with the new function signature. Savegames saved from such scripts are also broken!
- 2.2 Update 2b: Updatad statistics data file (statistics.dat); added some missing stats.
- 2.3: Full refurbishment of world cleanup process with several improvements. Added 3 new script functions. Added internal safety checks for compatibility with ancient versions of GTA 5.
- 2.3 Update 1: Fixed developer oversight: all managed objects will be restored with true coordinates (no Z offset), including the player (creation / restoration)
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Първо качено на: 27 януари 2020
Последно обновено на: 21 януари 2024
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