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UPDATE 1.2b (01.02.2019):
• Added support for latest patch 1.0.1604.0
I was quite busy in real life and university - sorry, that it took me so long guys :P
• Don't forget to also update to the latest NativeUI version!

CHANGELOG 1.1 to 1.2:
• Added key and function to switch between forward and reverse driving

CHANGELOG 1.1 to 1.1b:
• Added support for planes

CHANGELOG 1.0 to 1.1:
• Added changeable throttle value interval (change rate). This is also can be done inside the game. No INI needed!
• Added ability to toggle notifications of the throttle value change
• Added ability to use to mousewheel to change the throttle value
• Added option to toggle this mod
• Changed the menu open function to typing "THRTL" while in game (This is because nearly ever user has mapped some functions on every f*cking key, and after a one time configuration, you will not need the menu again)

IF YOU CAME FROM A PREVIOUS VERSION, DELETE YOUR settings "Smooth_Throttle_settings.bin" file inside your scripts directory!

Don’t have an Xbox controller? Want to have more control over your vehicle’s acceleration? Then this mod might just be perfect for you! With this easily configurable mod you can map an extra accelerator button that works similarly as the analog triggers on the Xbox controller. Simply set your desired throttle % with keys you can customize, press your desired accelerator key and have your vehicle accelerate as smooth as you like. For example, if you have set the throttle % to 50% you would get the same result as if you had pressed the analog trigger only halfway, making the vehicle accelerate at half the speed. This mod is a must have if you don’t have a controller and are using any kind of realistic vehicle handling mods and/or like to cruise slowly around the city in your tuned up lowrider (or any vehicle of your choosing). Works on all land and sea vehicles. Also, works perfectly together with the game’s built in mouse steering function, adding up to the amazing, smooth , lifelike driving experience.

While holding the accelerator key, which works like the original accelerator key, your car will accelerate with the throttle value in % you set.
Use the keys the increase/decrease the throttle value, to change your acceleration!

Open the menu by typing "THRTL" like a old GTA cheat (e.g. JUMPJET in San Andreas) while in the game. (This is because nearly ever user has mapped some functions on every f*cking key, and after a one time configuration, you will not need the menu again)

Accelerate and change throttle value with 4 controls and assign them in the in-game menu
(also key combinations are possible), by following the instructions on the screen. No INI editing needed.
They include:
• Accelerator key (default: Ctrl)
• Increase throttle value (default: Numpad 8)
• Decrease throttle value(default: Numpad 2)
• Switch between forward and reverse(default: Space)

Select "Interval" and enter the change interval of the throttle value in % in milliseconds in the in-game menu, or in other words its change rate. Follow the instructions on the screen and type in the interval you want. No INI needed. It can be that simple.

Use the mousewheel to change the throttle value by toggling the "Mousewheel" checkbox. You increase it if you scroll up, and decrease it, if you scroll down.
Thanks to JohnnyWolf for the suggestion of this feature

Notifications of the throttle value change can be toggled by toggling the "Notifications" checkbox.

To turn this mod and all of its features off uncheck "Mod enabled".

Save your settings, to play with the same settings on the next startup of the game, by selecting this button.

This is a .NET mod!
Put "Smooth_Throttle.dll" into your scripts directory!

.NET Framework
Visual C++
Native UI for the in-game menu

DirtSpray for the original idea of this mod and some motivation to continue this.
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