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So this is kind of a weird release...

I've taken a bit of a hiatus from GTA 5 mods, but since it's currently summer break, I've decided to do just a teeny tiny bit of coding for you all.

I thought I'd start off simple with a small mod that many people might want, and so I "stumbled" upon jedijosh's "The Force Unleashed" mod that didn't work anymore. After a bit of reading through the comments, I knew I had to do something, and so I fired up Visual Studio, went through the basic GTA 5 coding tutorials again and made it my goal to Remake jedijosh's mod.

If a mod/admin/jedijosh himself isn't happy with what I've done here, then I'd like to point out that the original mod is now 2 years and 4 months old and has been "out of order" for at least half that time. I believe it to be fair and justified to fix it and reupload it if "the people" want the mod so badly.
Now, onto the mod itself. I've for now made the Force Push, Force Lightning and Mintrick mechanics work. The Force Grab just seemed kind of... bad, so I opted not to implement it. I strongly suggest you download the "Advanced Gravity Gun" mod (the best gravity gun mod in my opinion) to simulation those kind of powers.

Controls are that same as they are in the original, maybe I'll add a config where you can change the keys yourself, but that's not that important right now.
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