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If you encounter a bug or have a suggestion, tell me! I read all comments. :)

If you're using the grab and throw ped mod by jedijosh920, you don't need that one anymore. It's very buggy. I implemented an updated version into this mod. (thanks to jedijosh920, would not have been possible without his mod in the first place)

What Does It Do?
This mod aims to flesh out and improve the experience using JulioNIB's "Ultimate Flash Mod".

- Instant Hijack: You can now enter and exit vehicles INSTANTLY without the hijacking animation playing.

- Instant stop: You will no longer slide along the ground, which allows for much more precise and cool movement.

- Grab and throw peds (kinda ripped from jedijosh, but his version wasn't updated for a century, so I just improved it, thanks bro xD) You can pick up and throw peds without ANY problems. All collision bugs are fixed.

- Snap neck, get close to a person and snap their damn neck. ;) Mostly inspired by that one the flash episode where Zoom rekt the entire police station.

- Wind Blast: You can put out fires just like the flash by "spinning" your arms to create a small "tornado" or "vacuum" (or wind blast) as some like to call it. This also blows away people that are in the way.

- Phase: Effortlessly move through people, cars and other objects. Phasing through people will make them stumble. You can even pick up a person and phase with him. AND you can vibrate any vehicle you're in to phase as well.

How Do I Install This?
Simply copy the contents of the .zip file into your scripts folder in your GTA 5 directory.

How do I Use It?
This is obviously meant to be used alongside the original Flash mod.
When you're in-game, press F9 to activate the mod.
The keys below are the default keys. You can change them in the FlashExtended.ini file.
T: Grab/let go peds
B: Snap neck of closest person (max 2meters range)
G: Instantly leave vehicles
K: Throw grabbed peds, works in slow motion.
H: Toggle "Wind Blast". You can now change wind blast direction when in flash run mode.
J: Toggle phasing.

Version History:
1.3: PHASING! Although not perfect, you can easily phase through people, objects and vehicles. You can even enter a vehicle and phase through traffic. This also supports grabbed peds to phase with you, - reduced time it takes for wind blast to put out ped fire
1.3a: Phasing changes player, vehicle and grabbed ped opacity, making them somewhat seethrough, instant stop now toggleable in .ini
1.3b: All powers now only need one controller-press/input - only affects people playing with controllers
1.3c: Quick controller fix, configurable controller mod-enabling button
1.3d: Ragdoll bug after grabbing fixed

Planned Features:
- Make the snapneck animation work better, change ped positioning for animation
- When in phase mode, can't be punched, but it drains some sort of energy

Guaranteed Features In Next Update:

Known Bugs:
- Grabbing dead people and travelling too far/fast can cause them to glitch, which I can do nothing about. If this happens just press T (the grab-ped button) to reset everything, then you should be able to grab peds again.

- Grabbed peds in phase mode will look weird. Only way I could make it work for them.

Controller Support:
To enable the mod in-game, use RB and right stick down

With the recent updated at trying to implement controller support. This is the first time I did this, and I don't even have a controll, so I just hope it works.
To use this, go to the ini file. There you will see a line saying "usingController=false". Change that to true. Then you can change the individual settings to one of the "controls" that are listed in the ini file itself.
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