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This script allows you to spawn in personal bodyguards and Enemies that can fight each other, mod allows for as many bodyguards and enemies as you could want, with orders, and the ability to fight each other, with custom targetting routines, Mod Was commissioned by Shield of Babylon on my discord server.

To use this script simply press delete on your keyboard, this key can be rebound from the ini in AdvancedBodyguardAndEnemyMenu folder

This script was to be released in September of 2023, and to my fault i completely forgot to release it, my bad!

1. download and Install scripthookv + Scripthookvdotnet
2. create a scripts folder (named scripts and not Scripts) if you havent got one already
3. drag AdvancedBodyguardAndEnemyMenu.dll, AdvancedBodyguardAndEnemyMenu.pdb and AdvancedBodyguardAndEnemyMenu folder into scripts
4. drag a Ifruitaddon2 folder and dll into scripts if you dont have it
5. Drag and drop HKHModHelperNew.dll and PDB into scripts, if you have it already make sure that your version is 9.0 or above!
6. Launch game
7. Install LemonUI for SHVDN3
8. Press Delete to open the menu to spawn bodyguards/enemies
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