some vanilla ptgi enb 1.0

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nve's postpassfx is used in the pictures to color grade, but due to obvious reasons i can't reupload it here, so you guys wont be getting the same colors as i do. however it should still be pretty close

note 2:
if you wanna use it in online it will work, but it is not recommended and somewhat considered cheating. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK


scuffed enb with some ptgi going on, designed with vanilla timecycles in mind.

-download newest enb from http://enbdev.com/download_mod_gta5.htm and drop both .dll files into gta v game directory
-download this file and drag and drop everything into gta v game directory
-set in game brightness to around 3/5 to 2/3 (its 2/3 in the pictures)
-max out every possible settings to achieve the look in my screenshots

(optional) (advanced) use nve's postpassfx and edit enbeffectpostpass.fx.ini then set
-technique to anything that contains color grading
-nve official color grading preset selector to 0
-gamma to 1.06
-brightness to 1.0
-contrast to 0.9
-saturation to 1.13
-shadows tint to 0.498, 0.49, 0.478
-highlights tint to 0.498, 0.49, 0.471
-channel mixer : blue to 0, 0, 0.98

shift and enter to open configurator
shift and backspace to toggle effects

-screen space ptgi
-removed yellowness and blue shadows/tint
-removed chromatic aberration and lens distortion
-removed anamorphic lens flares
-highly reduced original bloom
-lighting rework
-golden shine at sunrise and sunset
-some better bloom
-fog reduce (doesn't work with msaa on)
-procedural shadows
-enhanced ssao
-enhanced reflections (vehicles, puddles etc.)
-darker nights

known problems:
vehicle glass appears green under direct lighting
ssao and ptgi can be glitchy (a lot of color banding) under dark lighting

Boris Vorontsov for enb
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