Police Snipers on Rooftops [YMT] 1.0

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This YMT mod will add Snipers on rooftops that will fight alongside SWAT. These Snipers use a custom ped model that is similar to NOOSE Operatives, except that they carry Sniper Rifles.

Sniper AI:
Snipers are stationary in combat, even if you get close to them they won't move but are very accurate.

Heavy SWAT AI:
These new enemies are NOOSE Operatives carrying Combat MGs, Pump Shotguns (Passenger) and Sniper Rifles. They will drive Riot Vans

Rooftop Snipers currently and only spawn in Mission Row, but Moving snipers will spawn in NOOSE Vans on 5 stars

Wanted Levels:
Not only snipers, but cops got also an improvement, NOOSE will respond at 3 stars since Los Santos is a dangerous place. Military Troops will respond to assist FIB and Tactical Response Units. Regular Police arrive as First Responders.

Installation is in readme.
Also, check the version list, there is important file you need to download before using this, otherwise Snipers or Heavy Enforcers won't use their loadouts!

Police Snipers will spawn if the player doesn't have a wanted level (need scripting, help is appreciated)
Police Snipers don't respawn (This issue is just that scenarios don't spawn if the player is wanted by the cops, working on it)
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 Forgot to include, this will fix sniper loadouts.

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