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This muscle doesn't dominate the rentals and crash sites. This muscle doesn't run a gauntlet of electrical problems on the way to a 24/7. What this muscle does is rule the road, look damn good while doing it, and keep your butt heated and comfortably seated. No one-night flings, no one-puff fags - your mind is clear and the Vigero's rise from the ashes to the top is even clearer.


Add the "spvigeronew" folder to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
Add this line --> dlcpacks:/spvigeronew/ to the dlclist.xml (mods/update/update.rpf/common/data)

Spawn name: vigeronew

Default Modkit ID: 869


MaxBaxman a.k.a. M4K3 - Original model, data work, tuning parts, liveries, glass shards and many more.
13Stewartc - For the initial setup, even if i changed nearly everything, it was his foundation. And for all his help.
RooST4R - For enduring senseless questions and helping to solve many issues.
Northwind_JME - For being a helping hand and enduring noobs.
Eddlm - For his unique handling edits.
deadman23 - For his 2 unique front bumpers.
Voit Turyv - For Tanto spoiler.
Kelda,, Testarossa, GogoDG, daerius, Badboi, ItsJustCurtis, Yannerins, Sir Stir Fry - For liveries.
Skrungus, NastyWiNN3R, (ambient), Dnero, Crower, Marksman, Torqyboi, TY - For screenshots.
MyCrystals - For the description.
SilentSoul21 - For his sketch.


1.0 - Initial release
1.0 Hotfix - Small fixes on livery no.32
1.0 Hotfix 2 - Added missing language specific RPF's, livery template.
1.1 - Added "Curved Spoiler", revised handling, changed modkit according to long-awaited VWE 2.4.


Modifying this package and it's contents (except the handling, meta and modkit), uploading it elsewhere as is or in a changed state, using it on FiveM servers without author's permission is prohibited. Please respect and abide the author's hard work and decisions.


With the tuning options, you can make the car look like post-facelift version of Camaro. The car has custom glass shards, a very detailed underbody mapping and engine bay. The pop frequency and number are pre-adjusted to let a plug-and-play inclusion to popgroups.ymt file.

Known Bugs:

With some tuning categories, due to the complexity of tuning parts, reverting to stock may cause missing parts. Unfortunately it's currently unavoidable, alas, so small a problem that you wouldn't notice if you haven't read this part. F.E: Choosing one of the 690SS front bumpers will disable grille tuning to prevent conflicts, grilles are only available with non 690SS front bumpers. Same goes for intakes if you have a blower supercharger hood.

To whom concerned, Mr. Baxman and Mr. Jerkov send their regards, said, they'll not let mere rip-offs to pull the originals down.
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Първо качено на: 11 януари 2021
Последно обновено на: 08 февруари 2021
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