Real Performance Tuning (RPT) for Los Santos Customs [.OIV] 1.0

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Ever wished the in-game tuning/performance shop gave you more oomph for your hard-earned (or cheated) dollars? Ever wanted to tune a stock car into something that fits into a 1320video Drag racing video on Youtube, but in-game, without changing the handling lines? Want to humiliate your virtual AI friends in drag racing with a modified car? Got bitten by the tuning bug, but don't got the cash to spend in real life to get those kinds of gains on your VW GTI (yes, this happened to me...)? Do you have the need for speed? This, then, is a mod that is perfect for you.

Excuse me for the long ass title, as I couldn't think of anything better... Call it Real Performance Tuning, or RPT to shorten it I guess

This mod increases the effects of performance modifications bought from the Los Santos Customs or Benny's Motorwork tuner shop (like EMS upgrades, brake upgrades, etc.). For example, in the original game, the Stage 1 engine mod only provided a minor boost in power, which in some cars aren't even noticeable. With this mod, the upgrade is definitely noticeable and you get a nice boost in power that is differentiable using a stopwatch to measure the acceleration, with a noticeable increase in top speed.
Modifications affected:
- Engine upgrades in all stages are 4x more effective than in the original vanilla game.
- Transmission upgrades in all stages are 5x more effective than in the original vanilla game.
- Brakes upgrades in all stages are 4x more effective than in the original vanilla game. These upgrades simply increases the braking force applied, but for shorter braking distances, it depends on the grip values of whatever handling mod you are using.
- Armour upgrades in all stages are 2x more effective and weight is also 2x increase with each stage upgrade than in the original vanilla game.

For the turbo upgrade, I cannot find the file that relates to turbo upgrade's performance increases, so it is not included at the release of V1.0 (looked at almost every file except some encrypted ones that OpenIV cannot open and still no luck...).

Let me know if I've left any carcols file that deals with tuning and if you have any idea on which files affects turbo upgrades, please let me know, as I'm sure everyone would like to a tune up an Elegy2 (Nissan R35 GTR - clone) to have +2000 hp, with wastegate sounds and everything :P

***This mod only affects vehicles original included in the game and official DLC vehicles from Rockstar Games themselves. I don't think it affects any custom add-on vehicles if they have their individual carcols.meta (unless they are replacement vehicles), unless you manually modify their carcols.meta. Not 100% sure on this one since I don't have any add-on vehicles installed at the moment...***

***Recommended mods:
- My Simcade Handling mod for semi-realistic handling
- My Ultimate Sound Swap mod for proper sounds.
- Ikt's Inverse Power and Manual Transmission mod for better driving experience (note: transmission upgrade does not effect shift times if using the Manual Transmission mod, with the exception of some vehicle adding an additional gear).
- A racetrack to drive on?
- A video recording app to record your tuned monster beating that standing mile record speed?

*** To use ikt's Inverse Power for drifting and have these modifications have their effect, use the settings on the InversePower.ini suggested value below in the installation file, which is what I use alongside my Simcade Handling mod. If you are using other handling mods, just disable the power boost and leave torque boost on by changing the DisableP value from 0 to 1 and changing the torque values accordingly to give adequate boost to continue drifting.

***Below are the settings I use using ikt's InversePower.ini file with my handling mod. These values may react differently depending on what handling mod you use***

Power = 100
Torque = 850
Angle = 250
Speed = 175
Slope = 130
Deadzone = 0.0

Debug = 0
DisableP = 1
DisableT = 0

***Note: Due to the increase in torque to keep wheels spinning, acceleration will be faster than specified depending on the handling file you are using. With my handling, acceleration were cut anywhere between 0.2-0.5 seconds from 0-62 mph.***

Update log:
V1.0: Initial release with .oiv package

Once again, feedback is always welcomed.

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