Coil Cyclone EX-Zero [Add-On | Tuning] 1.1

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"The journalistic pendulum tends to swing violently between declaring ICE's certain death and throwing EVs' credibility in the gutter whenever either camp feeds it high enough specs. But the Cyclone EX-Zero is not here to prove anyone's point. It's here to provide the kind of performance that can cleanse you of every silly argument and cheeky idiom you had in mind - and for once, make you appreciate the bloody science behind it."

Tuning parts
Colored calipers
Active rear wing
Custom glass shards w/ dirt (Future update!)
Liveries (Future update!)

- changed spawn name to cycloneex0 to avoid conflict with rockstar's cyclone.
- added dirt map and livery map (UV map included)

I present to you the Coil Cyclone EX-Zero. My first mod to be published. I was responsible for creating the 3D model and design. From this place i want to thank:

T3rmina1Nerd for funding the project, fitting in the interior, doing a TON of work to the car, fixing some major issues and porting it into the game. He's the reason why this car even exists and why you all can enjoy it!

TGI J for his absolutely stunning wheels, which fit the car perfectly!

Smukkeunger for creating the colored carbon texture!

Eddlm for the fun and well balanced handling!

MyCrystals! for the lovely description of the EX-Zero!

Wibflip for helping fix the dashboard texture problem!

Torqy for the livery map and additional trunk items!

13Stewartc for helping fix the wheel sizing problem, dashboard textures, headlight glass, vertex paint, as well as many other helpful tips along the way!

paperosim228, 𝕽3𝖙𝖗0_𝕯𝖗1𝖛3𝖗, Gtaphotosig, crunchycat, MMTGarage, RazeN, GuillaumeVP, NastyWiNN3R, and Torqy for their amazing pictures!

and of course you for downloading the car! I hope you will enjoy it as much, as we do!

"Can i use it on my fivem server?" - Yes you can, as long as it is available to all players and not locked behind some real life money paywall.

Vanillaworks Standard License Format (VSmLF-1.0)
By downloading this package and/or it's cumulative updates, you will agree the following terms and conditions:

Modifying this package and it's contents except the text data such as handling, meta files and modkit, uploading or hosting it elsewhere as is or in a modified state, using it on multiplayer game clients such as FiveM servers without author's permission and selling, paywalling or monetizing in any shape or form is prohibited. Failing to comply these terms will result in copyright complaints against offending individuals and/or entities on respective platforms. To get permission to use this content in your multiplayer clients, please leave a comment below.

1. Unpack the .rar file and drag the "cyclone2" folder into your mods folder
2. add this line to your dlclist.xml, located in the update.rpf in your mods folder: platform:/dlcPacks/cyclone2/

Spawn names:
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