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    @alex189 Really nice, finally we have better body shape variety, there are really no skinny females in gta5, they all have hips like horse, lol...

    It's little confusing in description, because you have 2 models, each has 2 versions...So is it 2 hair 4 outfits in each version? Since i see only 4 clothing varieties, I'm assuming it's combined in both version, in that case we should import them and find out what is what, which is fine, i'm just pointing that out...and thanks again for all the work

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    @cammyb The original ped model author would have to make those component meshes, these are texture variations

    @INSANOGAMES it should actually work to add them and keep existing, don't it supports up to like 9, if not more, ik it will make bit bigger size, but variety would be really nice...i might gonna try that

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    Really nice choice for conversion....AYOCOMPUT meant DRLs day time running lights


    I'ts really cool looking on Fords of this generation, they usually com on in real life with either shifting out of park, or engine start. Gta5 has engine start lights on function using ID 0.

    Also Fords don't have dual exhaust, but i guess that's the original Modeler's thing and it looks good there anyways

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    Such nice idea, however my game also crashes...i removed all scripts from script folder except this and NativeUI...If i remove NativeUI game starts, with it game crashes. I just double checked and replaced both scripthooks to make sure they recent. Log says 3 scripts started, Event Viewer error displays

    E:\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\GTA5.exe

    10 септември 2018
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    @BorgoMadonno You can see how physics work 4 me on videos, i don't get these errors, but where are they showing for you?

    @VGeek Something must be missing if it doesn't show, try to double-check direction steps

    @lyrics Sorry I'm just so busy recently, if I don't do it fast enough anybody can do it, files are not locked

    @lordblackhand Thanks, you're right I wish I would have a Time

    @GhosTv I would guess something is missing somewhere, maybe something wrong when a copy paste lines... remove it all, make sure your game starts and try to carefully do installation again, also make sure your gameconfig is updated for added vehicles

    @JAM102970 It's a GTA IV yacht from BOGT specifically, yes you can drive it wherever you want

  • 5d2b17 dina horizon.leveled.square256

    I wish no crash on impact can be done to helicopters, with 50/50 randomness, so it gets more diverse during heli crashes

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    @L3gi0n it's a don, I'm just not preparing the RPF for you, you have to put it in your own, or added into existing one in game as it states in the directions but because it does not replace any model it must be an add-on that is only way

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    @JRod I just checked, both versions have wheels all the way to L4, means 0-3 because l4 is really just static squares mounted to chassis, the one with original wheels (same as on link you posted) has them actually untouched, the one with different headlights has different wheels is on pic here


    i tested them both...not sure how you have them disappearing, suspecting some lod numbers manipulation in vehicles.meta. Original lines which came with it should make it right 4 u

  • 5d2b17 dina horizon.leveled.square256

    @JRod idk why links do not work, ok i'll check in my game for it

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    @JRod all my mods have full lods, but ill double check, maybe i messed up something accidentally. Also, I keep real like suspension settings in my handling files with rear slightly higher than the front just like you see it on my original mod

    It should look the same if handling is used