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    Um dude?? What the fuck? This is awesome! Thank you so much for making this lol. It reminds me a bit of Just Cause 3, with the giant cargo plane they have that lets you do the same shit, and it's so cool to see that possible in GTA too.

    07 декември 2020
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    Ugh why make a mod supporting that clown. Might as well just upload a plain white T-shirt with the words: "I'm a care-bear-hair ass bitch" on the front and: "TvttleT^ilz" on the back.

    02 октомври 2020
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    @ikt Dude...... You have NO idea how useful and incredible this tool is! I'm about to download it so that I can modify the deformation values, so that the crashes are as realistic as GTA IV. I already have a mod that sets the value to 7.500- for all vanilla vehicles, however DLC vehicles lack this value. The aforementioned mod is the BEST deformation/crash realism mod I've yet to discover.

    Now that I have this tool, I can finally experiment and find the best possible values for crashes and vehicle deformation. It's people like you that keep old games ALIVE by constantly creating content for others to experiment with and enjoy. Don't give up on modding, especially when you have the ability to create such powerful tools!

    Just to be clear though - So when I am changing the values in-game, it doesn't affect/change the original 'handling.meta' file? Just wanted to ask so that I know whether I need to write down the values I end up settling with.

    I myself am learning programming languages/Computer Science to hopefully one day become a Software Engineer. People like yourself who are able to create these sort of things inspire me greatly. Anyways, I'll stop rambling. Thanks again bro! Be safe, and have a good one!

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    @GJ19964 Hey man, thank you for all of your hard work and kind words! You always have an air of positivity, even when I talked to you like a total dickwad while drunk-typing out criticisms in my comments. Usually due to some outside element not even involving your mod (typically problems with backups and other mods lmao). I'm downloading it now to give it a go!

    I'm pretty excited, I definitely like all of the changes you have listed thus far! Modders like yourself are what help keep games alive, and GTA V's single player is unfortunately dead in the eyes of Rockstar.

    But with dedicated modders, that doesn't even matter, because we have the best, customized, personal, most amazing versions of the game on each and every one of our (people who install mods') computers. All thanks to those creative and passionate enough to take time out of their own lives, and create brand new content for others for nothing more than perhaps some credits listed on some asshole's video with millions of views who doesn't even bother to mention the names of those who made the impossible, into reality!!

    Thanks again @GJ19964!

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    @Dutchie77 should be an option in settings to 'Sync menyoo with config' or something similair. toggle that on.

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    Sorry, not dlc_patch, but in mods>update>x64>dlcpacks literally went up 12GB bringing the total size of my mod folder to over 14GB. It seemed to have happened after manually installing your mod. Each folder that was modified by your weapon.meta overwrites. Any idea why this happened?

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    has anyone else seen their mod file increase in size by like 10-12gb? Its all coming from the dlc_patch files

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    @GJ19964 ok cool, def a good thing to fix the instructions. I was confused on why it wasn't supposed to be put in the mods folder at first lol. I did test the new version last night! I was super tired and sick of installing/reinstalling a bunch of things so i was a bit more critical than i shouldve been. Regardless I think your mod is a lot better than the original game's euphoria reactions, so I'd certainly recommend people try this mod out. Additionally it's very easy to install/uninstall, so there's certainly no harm in checking it out!

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    Not a fan of the unrealistic reactions, especially when falling. Nobody would flail their arms comically like some kind of overcompensating storyteller about a windmill gone awry. Too many people twist around violently for no apparent reason when shot. I'm just personally not a huuuuge fan, but everyone has different opinions and tastes revolving around ragdoll physics, and really just mods in general!! I still appreciate the work you do trying to improve the game, and the community by working hard and releasing free content for all. I think there is much potential for you yet!! Thank you

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    I dont have the "common.rpf" file in my "mods" folder. In your instructions for install, you're telling people to mess with things OUTSIDE OF THEIR MODS FOLDER which is EXACTLY how to fuck your game up, by replacing "behaviors.xml" with your version. I highly recommend first copying "common.rpf" to your MODS FOLDER FIRST. OpenIV has an option to do that for you.