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  • Wade


    >How does RadeonPRO hook into games?

    It waits for a specific game (that has corresponding profile created) and hooks it on launch through service I suppose. I don't really know how it works internally. It can be used for various GPU driver tweaks and SweetFX tweaks. Sometimes it's the only tool which can help with stuttering and other FPS problems.

    Yes SH needs updating too, but again it's used for majority of mods here unlike RPH. I mentioned that RPH have to be updated too because it adds more hassle if the game is updated and you don't make much use of RPH. Also there are some techniques to skip updates with SH too.

    RPH isn't new there, but it's still mainly used for LSPDFR and its plugins due to SH popularity (especially .NET). I guess that might change only if Alexander Blade abandons SH for some reason.

  • Wade

    @Fledron Thanks for this one.

    RPH is good really, I like it more than scripthook as a user. But it's very uncommon aside from LSPDFR and its plugins. It requires updating if the game is updated (and updating takes time), it requires launching from external .exe (which is not a problem per se, but it can mess with other hooking processes, I experienced some problems with RadeonPRO tool). Add it all up and it doesn't seem worth installing and maintaining RPH if one is going to install only one or two small plugins. I guess if a plugin does not utilize specific RPH features and it doesn't depend on other RPH plugins, it would be better for users if a developer coded it for ScriptHook, since almost every mod user uses SH but fewer people use RPH (I think they're in minority).

  • Wade

    Yeah, it works. Don't know why people experience issues. And while you're waiting for next RDV update (if ever), you can manually create handling records for new vehicles by taking existing ones as a template.

    30 декември 2017
  • Wade

    @Blassmau5 I thought the newest 2.10.5 covered those problems because that temp fix was made for 2.10.4 ver.

    Changelog for 2.10.5:

    Fixed more memory offsets that were changed in 1.0.1290.1

    Updated enums with various ped, vehicle and weapon hashes

    Anyway, I'm gonna stick with previous version of this mod until it's updated for the newest version of dotnet (if there's an actual problem with it).

    22 декември 2017
  • Wade
    Закачен коментар

    For everyone who download this fix after every new GTAV update.

    Please use fixes from other people. I do not follow new GTAV updates (they always break something) and I play very rarely. So I can't update this fix promptly. There's many other similar fixes now, my fix was uploaded because there were no standalone alternatives back then and original one (by BobJaneTMart) was abandoned. It will probably not break your game if you install outdated fix, though it's not recommended.

    I did my best to write instructions how to make your own fix, considering how limited my English is. So I'd probably not delete this mod because it might be useful for downgraders and creating custom fixes.

    21 декември 2017
  • Wade

    Yep, I have the same thing. Using latest DotNet 2.10.5, SH and NativeUI, clean game (no edits to gamefiles at all), very few scripts (nothing related to cops, spawns, wanted levels, npcs).

    2.0 ver just doesn't work properly, while 1.0.2 works fine (as far as I can tell after a quick test). Sometimes cops do not care at all. Sometimes cops notice me, turn the lights on and drive away (!). Cops on foot just stare at me having blinking blips on them (though I disabled blips), nothing happens. Menus do open, personal record does open as well. Toggling (mod is on\off) works half the time, don't know why (maybe it's just notifications not showing properly).

    I always do my own tests before writing something like this, and from my perspective: a) something wrong with DotNet (considering 1.0.2 works fine, it's unlikely), b) I have conflicts (unlikely because 1.0.2 works fine, also see above), c) something wrong with the mod itself.

    21 декември 2017
  • Wade

    @_CP_ B-but that mod requires manual whitelisting and was meant to be used when there's no new SH update, while yours is like "install and forget" kind of fix, which I prefer more. I guess some pricks were bitching about it? Oh man...

    20 декември 2017
  • Wade

    @_CP_ I've been out of the loop for several months. Could you please drop a few words about what happened to "mpchristmas2017 in sp"? It seems it was approved as always, it was here for a while, but then suddenly became "not approved".

    20 декември 2017
  • Wade

    @chinagreenelvis It's IS_PED_RUNNING_MOBILE_PHONE_TASK.

    Also I removed some features for my own use because one of them was making subtitles disappear sometimes. Can't remember which one exactly was causing that though. I guess it was autohide_hud.

    23 октомври 2017
  • Wade

    @satyr as I can remember, aircraft handling isn't worth the hassle, because it's too messy and buggy.

    06 септември 2017