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  • Michael2

    @RubenK17 there is a script from @meimeiriver that add teleport garage and tvs, I juste add showers, you can safely use both scripts

    преди 17 часа
  • Michael2

    @nj5050 You can find them in the game's animation list, which is accessible through tools like Menyoo, for example. However, I tried searching for "Army," "Salute," and "Greet" last time, but I couldn't find the military salute animation. It seems to be missing.

    Regarding the help you need, I can definitely give it a try (it's my first GTA mod, so I'm still discovering all aspects of it). Feel free to send me a private message, and I'll assist you to the best of my abilities and with pleasure.

  • Michael2

    @H1DD3NUTs Finally, we have a 5 stars :p But on a serious note, if you encounter any issues while using the mod, please let me know in the comments. I have included a PropertyManagerError.log file and a crash report folder that should capture any errors or issues that occur while using my mod. Your feedback is invaluable in helping me improve the mod and provide a better experience for everyone.

  • Michael2

    @SupaModi Thanks a lot! I hope you'll enjoy this version because I've really added a lot of points of interest to Malibu Mansion. Right now, you can mainly sit and smoke, but I'm still looking for other animations that fit well with those. As for the crash we talked about, I haven't been able to replicate it even though I've explored Malibu Mansion multiple times. There might be a specific trigger that causes it. This version has improved reporting, so if you experience the crash again, we should have more information in the crash report or the propertyManagerError.log. Thanks again for your support, and I'm excited to continue improving the mod!

  • Michael2

    Hello, in which property and car model did you encounter the issue? Because normally, and I just tested it again, I didn't have any problem saving a vanilla car. Because not all properties are equipped with all the features yet. In version 1.0, all houses will have all the functionalities. Currently, I'm only testing the newer ones to fine-tune the mod, that's why it's in Beta.

  • Michael2
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    Latest version 0.8 - BETA:

    Youtube presentation :

    Added compatibility with meimeiriver's ModernWoodenHouse property script, it's better to use it.
    Implemented a framework for creating contextual points of interest with playable animations. Currently includes sitting, smoking, BBQ, and more animations planned for the future like sleeping, drinking, dancing, etc. Notably, the cigarette animation plays as a secondary animation, allowing for seamless blending with other animations.You decide when you puff at your rythme.
    Significant update to error management, providing improved crash notifications and crash reports for easier troubleshooting.
    Animations are currently only implemented in the Malibu Mansion, Modern Casual Apartment, Modern Business Apartment, and the Modern Wooden House.
    Two mini mods have been added, allowing you to smoke or sit anywhere using the mod's trainer while we work on implementing these features in all properties.

  • Michael2

    @nj5050 The 0.8-BETA release was a bit rushed, but I managed to squeeze in the reduction of the helipad approach to 30ft instead of 200ft :) However, I'll be releasing another update this weekend that will include the map and teleport feature you wanted. I haven't found the military salute animation yet, but if you have the name of the animation, it will speed up the process even more :)

  • Michael2

    @meimeiriver You must have had a good laugh reading this comment right after your update xD !!
    Well, my release is under approval. I couldn't launch my game with MP maps, but I think it should work because I removed everything that could potentially cause issues. And worst case scenario, we can completely disable Modern Woodhouse from the mod through the settings :)

  • Michael2

    @Olegsag @meimeiriver
    "Could you add these animations to your mod?) from meimeiriver does not work for me"
    Even though I'm adding animations, I have to consider them for all the mansions, so it will never be as high-quality as what Meimeiver does with great precision on a single property.

    Here's what you can do: go to your game folder and locate the original dlclist.xml. Copy the list of DLCs and paste it into the dlclist.xml in your mod folder, which should contain both the original DLCs and the ones you downloaded from here. The idea is to update the list of original DLCs that have been released due to Rockstar's various updates.

    Next, open the NativeTrainer.ini file and search for "Mp Map." Set it to 1, and it should work.

    Please note that Mp Map can cause the game to crash if the gameconfig isn't optimized. So I recommend giving this script another chance. It's for the best, and worst-case scenario, my next two releases will include indoor animations.

    Преди 2 дена
  • Michael2

    @meimeiriver At the time I said that, I wasn't referring to your mod since you hadn't released it yet, haha xD. I didn't encounter such issues with Malibu Mansion or the Designer Apartment.

    Tonight, I'll do some checks and release an update. I'll remove all the overlapping features when your mod is detected on the Wooden House. Additionally, I'll add the option to disable individual features per property. This way, when you release the next version for Malibu Mansion and others, users will simply need to disable the corresponding mansion in the settings.

    This release will also include my current progress on indoor animations, although it's not fully completed yet. I originally planned to release it next Friday evening, but that's okay, I'll do it in two parts :)

    Преди 2 дена