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    It's a beautiful MOD! Thank you very much.
    But I was using Pazzi's LOD-adjusted version in 1.3, so it became heavy in reverse.

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    It's very realistic. Thank you very much.

    Added LA Roads to Redux 1.8 + RCA + LA Billboards + GTAV Remastered. It works perfectly!

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    For Replace, the handle color is gray. Export "003717d0.dds" in futo.ytd, rename it to "0036ba80.dds", and replace it with the original "0036ba80.dds". The handle is textured. If the dial does not work, change "<parent> vehicles_futo_interior </ parent>" to "<parent> vehicles_sultan_interior </ parent>" near the last line of vehicles.meta. The dial should work!

    I hope you find it helpful.

    * I'm sorry because English is not my native language.

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    A nice McDonald's is next to the beach.
    Thank you <3

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    Hello, @SpockOnMedicine.

    Yes, 4.1 works well.

    I'm a little worried about CPU and DDR3 memory. I'm a bit wondering if I can get the performance of the GTX1060.
    If you want 60fps, lower the graphic settings.
    LA Billboards has little effect on frame rate. 6GB of VRAM is enough.

    SPEC of my PC:
    i7-6700K (4.5GHz) + DDR4 16GB (2666MHz) + GTX1080 (1900MHz)
    Resolution: 2560x1440 (DSR)

    Redux1.8 / LA.Billbords4.1 / car-mos 20 units (replacement)

    Under the above conditions, 5GB memory usage, 4GB VRAM usage, frame rate is
    Works at 60fps and above.

    ※ I'm sorry because I'm Japanese and English is strange. (Using translation tool)

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    Delete “lr_prop_supermod_door_01.ytyp” and “lr_prop_supermod_lframe.ytyp” as LaTruiteFolle and others have said before.

    It should no longer crash!

  • 289677 img 0098

    Report that 4.1 worked.

    Download the oiv file (2.3GB) from https://gta5redux.com/.

    The oiv file could not be automatically installed, so decompress it with 7zip.

    When unzipped, the content folder can be extracted,
    Extra_Mod, LA_Billboard_P1, LA_Billboard_P2 in the content folder
    Copy to mods / update / x64 / dlcpacks with OpenⅣ.

    Add the following 3 lines to dlclist.xml in mods / update / update.rpf / common / data

    <item> dlcpacks: / Extra_Mod / </ item>
    <item> dlcpacks: / LA_Billboard_P1 / </ item>
    <item> dlcpacks: / LA_Billboard_P2 / </ item>

    Don't forget save!

    I hope it works.
    I'm Japanese, so I use translation tools.