Groove Street
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  • 3f2fef blomst

    @razera Having a different rain and cloud effect/look then some other graphical mods out there is not a bug, but an personal taste. However do let me know if you experience any game breaking bugs. Then i'll take action. Again i gotta be careful not to overdue the reflections as it can make the game unstable and hit on the performance. Thank you for the kind offer with donation, but i'll have to say no thank you :) I will never accept money for my mods. It's not really motivation, i have plenty of that, its more of a "Not having enough of sparetime" But i do work on a version 3.0 with new features and improvements.

  • 3f2fef blomst
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    I think the vest looks pretty good for what it is, i know its not their real 2020 vest, but looks decent. There is room for improval though :)

  • 3f2fef blomst

    @razera Suggestions and feedback are always welcome :)

    1. Its not unusual sun shines through a rainy cloud, even IRL :) tho it depends time of day, You will only see this happen during sunset in Nxtg shader.

    2. Extrasunny and Clear are supposed to be the same, hence they are without clouds, i dont even understand why R* games bothered implementing Extrasunny as it doesn't make the sun more brighter..

    3. Are you sure your Reflections settings are on high/very high? trust me, they are very noticeable during night time, if you look at screenshot 4 with the Nissan 370z, you can clearly see vehicle reflections ;) also adding more building reflections could give more fps loss.
    Again thank you for the feedback, appreciate it very much

  • 3f2fef blomst

    @Mcarden2006 You're most welcome mate. glad you figured it out :) and thanks for the love again! :D

  • 3f2fef blomst

    @Mcarden2006 I remember you just fine :) Thanks for the suggestion, always appreciate feedback. i could easily include a much dimmer version for the Taxi signs. The reason they shine up like that is because i wanted to have realistic and bright police lights. This can easily be reduced in the visualsettings.dat.

    first step is to extract "visualsettings.dat from OpenIV, after that is done, open the Visualsettings.dat with wordpad or notesblock. Scroll down till you find the line calld "emmisve bits" .
    Now find the line called " car.defaultlight.day.emissive.on --> intensity for day Reduce the number
    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.on --> intensity for night Reduce the number
    After you have adjusted visualsettings.dat, save it, and extract it back to OpenIV. "Common - data"

    Like so

    # emissive bits

    car.defaultlight.day.emissive.on 2200.0 <-- set number to 0
    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.on 650.00 <-- set number to 0

    Just keep in mind that dashboard interior light on vehicles will not glow at all, Taxi signs will not glow either and police lights will be completely dim.

  • 3f2fef blomst

    @aldypwb Yes, but beware the vehicle reflections might not look the same when replacing timecycle.

  • 3f2fef blomst

    @R3Y Thats because it is an OIV install. You can only install it with the package installer with OpenIV

  • 3f2fef blomst

    @112LZ You're welcome man, its always faster and easier to ask then begin to search on web :)

  • 3f2fef blomst

    @Joey_12346 Previous versions 1.0 and 1.5 got stolen by others and uploadet elsewhere with a hidden paywall behind :( I decided never to share anything here again, its been 3 years now.

    I don't understand why Clear and Extra Sunny should be much different :) they should both be sunny without clouds during day. There's a slight difference between them during sunset.

    I purposely made the weather Extrasunny and Clear much more darker for realism, the problem when changing values for extrasunny and clear for nighttime also decreases color saturation. I still havn't figured out why. But thanks for the feedback, appreciate it very much. I'll look in to Extrasunny and Clear for night and see if i can make it more bright and colorful like w_clouds.

  • 3f2fef blomst

    @EssamJamal Thank you very much man! i'm so glad it works for you :D