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Introduce more lifelines to the streets of Los Santos with nervous DEALERS! This mod adds a thrilling dynamic to the city by making Criminal ped models flee from police vehicles if the Siren is activated. Watch as these Criminals panic and attempt to escape the long arm of the law or the player and ultimately give up.

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements, feel free to provide feedback. This is the initial release, and your support is appreciated!

- Realistic reactions as dealers flee from approaching police vehicles.
- Enhances the police-chase experience in the game.

How to Install
- Ensure you have the latest version of Grand Theft Auto V.
- Install the Script Hook V and Script Hook V .NET.
- Copy the "NervousDEALERS.dll", and the XML file into the "scripts" folder within your GTA V directory.
- If the "scripts" folder doesn't exist, create it.
- Launch GTA V and witness the nervous dealers in action!

- The mod automatically identifies specific ped models and triggers a flee response when they encounter police vehicles with active sirens.

Known BUGS:
- Found a BUG that causes CRASHES (because of a NullReferenceException) will adress ASAP
- Dealer will just stop and stand still after some time of running away.
- Dealer won't get triggered a second time (again)
- Dealer will Hands up forever (question: good/bad)
- Does your game crash when you dirve away and the dealer hands up (question)

Future improvements to add:
- make it zone dependent
- add some randomness
- build a system that police has the chance to actively engage in persuit after (or before) the dealer starts running

Important Notes
- Ensure you have backups of your game files before installing any mods.

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Nervous DEALERS mod by SeBoy

Also please check out and leave a Sub my Band ARDENITE: https://www.youtube.com/@ARDENITE

v. - 30.11.2023
- had to remove the decision making while persuing because of crashes
- because of requests: this is the base for a new mod "nervous Gang Members" that does the same thing but with gang members

v.0.3.2 - 21.11.2023
- Dealer now decides to hands up or flee as soon as he is within the sirens radius
- while fleeing he will decide to hands up if the police vehicle is within the sirens radius

v.0.3.1 - 16.11.2023
- fixed that peds don't get triggered a second time
- now escaping peds have the chance to put up their hands (buggy you have to switch the siren on and off)

v.0.3 - 16.11.2023
- you can now add models in an .xml file
- added the robber and dealer by default
- fixed some player dependend bug so now it should always work as intended
- now you only get error logs (if something wrong happens)

v.0.2 - 16.11.2023
- now Dealers only run when the Siren isActive
- fixed some distance problems
- fixed the log file eating your harddrive

v.0.1 - 14.11.2023
- Initial release of Nervous DEALERS.
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