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This scripts makes the player's character to go on ragdoll when he/she gets shot. Some scripts do actually the same as this one does, but Injured Ragdoll Enhanced includes several options you can configure, to customize and optimize your own ragdoll & realism experience.

Mod Presentation

Now you can customize your InjuredRagdoll experience with the web config tool! Use it to change this mod's options graphically, instead of manually editing the INI file. (It's not fully updated to the latest versions of the mod)

Ragdoll Customization
Each one of the following options, configurable on the INI file provided with the script, has two different options: Health and Armor. The "armor" options will affect when your character still has body armor (the blue bar), while the "health" options will affect when the body armor is missing (no blue bar).
  • Ragdoll activation: with this you can fully disable the ragdoll when your character's got armor.
  • No Ragdoll in cover: you can disable the ragdoll when your character is on cover.
  • Ragdoll time: choose the time your character will be on ragdoll, in seconds. The longer the ragdoll time, more exposed your character will be, and combats will be harder. WARNING: if using ragdoll styles 2 or 3, don't use more than 2 seconds of ragdoll, or your character might be standing for the ragdoll time instead of falling.
  • Ragdoll style: change the ragdoll animations your character will perform. The game's got the following animations: 0=normal ragdoll | 1=falling with stiff legs/body | 2=narrow leg stumble (may not fall when ragdoll time is low) | 3=wide leg stumble (may not fall when ragdoll time is low)
  • Randomization: you can randomize the ragdolling time and type, to get a more dynamic game style
  • In-Vehicle Ragdoll: actually it just makes your vehicle spin forward very fast for a while when you get shot while driving... needs to be improved with other kind of effects, so it's WIP and really not yet recommended to be used.
  • Anti-Spam: you can activate an anti-spam filter, to avoid being unable to get up when you're getting shot several times while you're still on ragdoll. So this will disable the ragdoll for the time you want after you go on ragdoll.
  • Screaming: when your character is not one of the main characters (Franklin, Trevor or Michael), it will try to play a screaming/pain sound when gets shot and goes on ragdoll. Anyway, the NPC characters don't have assigned the same pain sounds, so maybe not all the peds will play well the screamings. I'll try to improve this feature.
  • Alternative speech: your character can say something after getting shot and going on ragdoll. Actually there's no options to change the speech the characters say, but i will try to include this option on future versions. At this time, all the characters will try to say the speech "generic_shocked_high" withour body armor, and "generic_shocked_mid" with armor.
  • Detection system: the mod knows if you have been shot by comparing your health and armor states. If they decrease, it might mean you have been shot, but this can also make your character go on ragdoll if it just have been hit with a melee weapon or any other thing. So, by default, the mod will also detect if your character get hit by a gun (a.k.a. get shot), but if you want to ragdoll even with melee weapons, you can disable this option.

  • The ragdoll won't work if you're using some kind of God Mode options from trainers or scripts. The only compatible god mode i know, is the Special God Mode the Simple Trainer has got.
  • Some users have reported this script doesn't work if you're running SoB's Realistic Concussions fatigue system.
  • InjuredRagdollEnhanced is compatible with ERO (Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul) - your character, indeed, use these new effects on his own ragdoll effects.

You need ScriptHookV and ScriptHookV DotNet in order to run this script.

Copy the files provided (InjuredRagdoll.dll and InjuredRagdoll.ini) on Grand Theft Auto V/scripts folder.

Update log
  • v1: Initial release
  • v2: now you can randomize ragdoll time and anims, activate an anti-spam filter and customize the speeches. There's also an alternative in-vehicle ragdoll, but it's still on beta (the effects is nor very nice).
  • v2b: updated a DLL file instead of the CS that i uploaded wrong on the v2 update
  • v2.1: fixed a problem with the Anti Spam function
  • v2.2: now, the mod will just make you ragdoll if you got damaged by a gun, so no ragdoll if you got damaged by a melee weapon or on a fists fight. Anyway this is a customizable option, just in case you want to disable it, but it's enabled by default. I included the previous version too, just in case something works wrong and you don't want to wait until a new fixed release.
  • v2.3: fixed a problem with the ragdoll time. They were not being applied correctly! now they should work fine, both static and randomized timers.

Upcoming features
  • Possible improvements on Screamings, depending on what character you're using.
  • A extended "pain face" system (making the pain face of your character staying for longer)
  • A option to choose the minimum health loose to run the ragdoll anim. (so you won't go on ragdoll if you receive small damage).
  • A option to "force" your character stand up when going on ragdoll with some key pressing.
  • Ask for new ideas or report bugs or problems leaving a comment! (please tag me with @EnforcerZhukov so I can get a notification on the website!)

Hope you enjoy this!
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