Basic Needs [Mod Pack] v1.0 (Release)

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Support for this mod has ended.

Includes mods that add:
-The need to eat, sleep, and have fun. (BasicNeeds.asi)
-Working restaurants, working safe house fridges, working motels. (FoodandSleep.asi)
-The ability to have an inventory similar to GTA: Online. (Inventory.asi)

What's new v1.0
-Fixed health packs filling hunger
-Added smoke to cigarettes
-Having a five star wanted level now restores fun
-Animations are now loop-able by holding the key
-You can toggle blips with left control + B
-Added support for smaller screen resolutions through the .ini
-Added support for keyboards without numpads
-Added the option to change the key that opens the inventory menu
-Added an option to disable health regeneration through the .ini
-Added the option to disable certain statistics through the .ini
-Added the option to have text only appear when a statistic is needed through the.ini

-Readme files for each mod.

How to install:
Install Script Hook by Alexander Blade then drag "BasicNeeds.ini" into the GTA V directory (This .ini is needed regardless of what mods you're using). Then install all the scripts (.asi files) you want from the pack.
Please remember to uninstall any previous versions.

-Working Restaurants by Plastic Tangerine (This mod does the same thing)
-Rob-able Store Markers by ShaunRW (Store blips will be repeated)

-The BasicNeeds script will require you to eat sleep and have fun in the game.
-The FoodandSleep script will add working restaurants, working motels, and make safe house fridges work.
-The Inventory script will add an inventory similar to the GTA: Online inventory.
-For detailed explanations of each script, including controls and how to use them, view the scripts included readme file.

Known Issues:

Change Log:
-Initial release
-Changed sleeping major effects
-Added .ini and saving for stats
-Fixed hunger stats not saving when switching characters
-Added side effects for orange stats and major effects for red stats
-Reverted sleeping major effects due to errors
-Combined scripts and .ini files
-Added the ability to change text position through the .ini file
-Adjusted the time between meals
-Added fun statistic
-Fixed problem with buying food in 24/7 stores
-Bundled the mod with a tweaked version of my restaurants mod
-Allowed players to eat out of their safe house fridge to restore hunger
-Tweaked hunger and fun levels
-Added motels
-Added the fridge in Floyd's house
-Changed the .ini reading and writing method
-Added an inventory
-Added a panic button for stats
-Fixed issue with time and motels
-Added Mod Pack to the title due to numerous scripts
-Added animations
-Fixed inventory not saving
-Added alcohol and cigarettes
-Included more source code
-Added smoke to cigarettes
-Fixed problem with health packs
-Added many options in the .ini file
-Added smaller screen resolutions support
-Made blips toggle-able
-Added support for computers without numpads

You may modify, and use code from this program without my permission. I feel providing source code allows the modding community to grow. You may re-upload this without my permission on any other site but this one. I only request that you credit me when you do.

-Plastic Tangerine for main coding
-Alexander Blade for Script Hook and parts of code from his trainer
-xiaohe521 on Code Project for the code (http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/10809/A-Small-Class-to-Read-INI-File) which I used for .ini files.
-Various users for their feedback throughout the mod's development
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