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*Does ANYONE know how to fix this orange hue appearing around the MP Character at a distance? It happens all the time, even on console. Just go to the director mode trailer, hover over the MP Character, and you'll see an orange hue around them. I'm tryna fix that shit. Help is definitely needed. Gonna be a lot more busy now that I've got class on top of work. So expect less outta me. I've listened to yalls comments, so don't worry, I'll still have them in mind.

What's goin on yall. So I wanted a crappy jacket for the MP Character (male specifically), so I hoped on Gims Evo, learned how to do extremely basic functions thanks to HeySlickThat'sMe and ultimately ended up with these few items: a sports coat from GTA Online edited to wear the cuffs of business shirts will show and not be obscured by the coat sleeves, a jacket from the Professionals ped model and the mask also found on the Professionals as well as on Michael, Trevor and Franklin's ped. Really, no one plays as the MP Character, so I thought I'd release this for all two other people that use the MP Character.

You can see how happy I was to finally port the mask over to the MP Male given how screenshots it's featured in. Huge thanks again to Slick for a quick tutorial.

Lastly, if you're gonna use my mod(s) in your own items and not credit me, at least have the decency to use a different name and different upload image. Come on guys.

2.0v - Brought in so many new clothing models that I might as well skip update 1.9v - Just feel the need to reiterate, I ain't a professional modeler, and this mod shows it. I will eventually touch up on a few models here and there, but that ain't a priority.
1.8v - Added multiple items at the request of Manhunt_BTMC. Note, some of these items are prone to clipping and have texture mapping issues
1.7v - Added one item at the request of BendoBendo. Shouts outs to ChunkyYaBoi for pointers on rigging/porting. Awaiting approval from a creator to upload an edited version of his model. Added SR Flight jacket without Bigness logo (can't wait to see "BAPE Bomber Jacket (No Logo) For SP") for both opened and closed model
1.6v - Realized that the 5Mods site has a tendency to not save description updates. Most important part of 1.6v desc, credit to Alex106 for a better Parachute Bag texture
1.5v - How many of y'all played The Ballad of Gay Tony? Well, I hope you liked the parachute bag from that game. The model & texture is relatively low poly as I am using the leftover assets left in GTA V rather than the items directly from TBoGT. Anyway, added one item at the request of Alex108
1.4v - Added one item at the request of idlehands
1.3v - Added two items at the request of Voyevoda
1.2v - Added one item at the request of Fred53-ITA

*Given that they are requested, any more items will not have a specified path, promoting freedom as to where you wanna drop the items.
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