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The mod is a simple timecycle upgrade, based on the original game cycle.
The graphical configuration is based on an Unreal Engine 4 project.

This project is not intended to be realistic or anything similar, simply to give a better visual appearance, especially at sunrise and sunset.


I've ordered the way the mod is installed, each folder separately, so it shouldn't be that difficult to follow that order. You need OpenIV

-Details V0.3 BETA-

-More time cycles have been modified, in the same way as the color tone.
-New texture of the sky at night, now it will have less stars compared to the previous version
-New texture for blood, now it won't be that typical oval puddle
-Color of clouds has been corrected, especially on mornings that were too white in the dark.
-Now the patrol -Buffalo- and the helicopter -Annihilator- will appear in chases. (-Buffalo- 1st star and -Annhilator- 4th star)
-I have replaced ReShade with -ENB Series- which will give more reflections in puddles and give better shading.
-I have reduced the reflection of cars and soil a bit since personally it was very excessive
-And other small changes

----I would appreciate your feedback for improvement and if you find any bugs please let me know so I can correct it in future updates----

-Details V0.2 BETA-

-Some timecycles were modified, to be exact, 5, one of which is a type of demonstration of progress.
-The nights are darker
-Textures of: lights, sky, moon, vegetation, water, vehicles were modified.
-Suspension and impact damage have been modified, based on GTA 4
-I have created several presets for ReShade, choose the one you like best.
https://reshade.me/ --Removed--
-The cloud cycle has been improved, although the color of the clouds does not match the color of the time. (I'm still working on it)
-The radius and size of explosions have been increased in some objects when exploding.


Mod improvements so far
Although all this still needs to be improved hehe.

-Water system
-Particle system
-Explosion system
-Driving and damage system
-Climate system
-Police system
-Edition in cloud colors
-Global lighting edition
-Reflection edit
-New sky textures
-New water textures
-New particle textures
-New blood textures
-New lighting textures
-New textures for cars (only the textures that apply in general for all cars)
-Create presets for "ENB-SERIES"
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