New Explosion FX edit 4 fun 1.0


This is my personal edit of "No explosion blur and shake" made by Aldebaraan

basically I lower the scale of some explosion fx, mainly the grenade,
and some explosion won't be cause the fire, not even on the peds, it's not incendiary bomb/shell right?

I made a adjustment of explosion.ymt,
the frag grenade wont destroy the vehicle, but still break the glass,
at least the car wont boom or got the fuel leaking when the frag out.

And some explode force and damages parts of rpg and tank shell. they may not realistic, but for me, i like how it works.
I don't like a hard and big explosion, so I almost keep 'em as default, enjoy for the tank shooting cars.

About the changes under the EXP_TAG_CAR
I change the value of forceFactor... to 0
and fSelfForceModifier... to 1.0

now, the car will not "bouncing" when they are blow up, the power of tank shell can still push 'em, if the car blow up when it's running in high speed, the wreck will still rolling to the front.
A direct explode just destroy the static car, and you can just see the breakable parts, like hood, doors, wheels and trunk pop out, I think it will decrease the damages to the surrounds.

However, it just my experiment to see if I can disable the second explosion by the car's fuel tank, you know that when a car blow up, will cause twice explosion, first is the main body of the car, second is the fuel tank. and the answer is:
NO, I can't disable the fuel tank explosion, and didn't find out how to make dream happen, but at least the car won't bounce twice, because they don't even bounce at first explosion.

BTW I only change the EXP_TAG_CAR, so not heli, boat and bikes, I think those thing won't change but didn't test yet.

To install:
explosionfx.dat mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/effects
explosion.ymt mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data/metadata

If you want some awesome explosion sfx, try this:
Realistic Grenade Explosions, Missile and RPG, Stinger Launch sounds 1.0.1 by Khyber

Credits - No explosion blur and shake 1.1 by Aldebaraan
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