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This is a location pack for GeorgeZhang's "Gang War" mod.
Download the script here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/georgezhang-s-gang-war-net

The Gang War script starts a shootout between two teams, being player in one of them. It works with "locations", pre-configured places with spawnpoints marked. When reaching a location startpoint, the player can select itself what gang will be on the ally and the enemy team, as well as other options, but the spawnpoints (where each team spawns) must be placed before starting the gang war. Some of the locations i made might be repeated with the native mod's locations.

  • Grove Street Assault: Join a task force to attack the enemy gang settled on Grove Street! Your team starts at the gas station, and the enemy team spawns on the group of houses at the end of the street.
  • Michael's House Defense: Somebody is angry with Michael DeSanta and sent his mob to attack him at his home. Don't let them pass! Just defend Michael's main house, but you should play as Michael since other peds can't enter the house, so the gates won't open up and your team won't be able to go out (but the enemies can enter climbing the fence near the tennis field) - maybe Franklin and Trevor can enter the house too, but i'm not sure if always or just on some parts of the game history. You and your team will spawn on the house garage, and enemies will do it on different places; they can enter throw the front and the rear, so watch out every corners!
  • NOOSE Defense: Help defending the NOOSE HQ from enemy attacks! The NOOSE HQ is under attack. You have to protect the main entrance.
  • The Lost and Damned City: Stab City is going to be a battlefield again. Grab your gear and push out the enemy gang settled there. You spawn outside the place, just push on where the enemies are.
  • Not Lost at All: Help the local gang from Stab City defending it from a incoming attack. Other location on the Stab City, but this time you spawn on the "defending" side.
  • Trevor's Hideour: Help defending Trevor's meta lab from the enemy attackers. The liquor store where Trevor has his TP Industries meta lab will be attacked. Enemies will attack throw the north, east (a group of destroyed houses) and south-east (from the motel).
  • Vespucci Alley Attack: Join a task force to attack the enemy gang settled on the alley near Vespucci Beach. Your team will engage throw the main, front entrance to attack the enemy gang on the alley near Vespucci Beach. You can follow them, climb to the rooftops or flank throw one of the many entrances the alley's got.
  • Vespucci Alley Defense: Help your team to hold the alley near Vespucci Beach. A enemy gang is coming to attack it! Other flavour for this alley, this time you'll play on the "defense" team.
  • The Paleto Bay Defense: Join the local milicia to defend Paleto Bay from a coordinated enemy attack. A long-range location on Paleto Bay, what means the spawning points are quite far... but allies and enemies will run throw the city to fight.
  • North Yankton's Prayers: Praying time is over, just grab your weapons and defend the church from the enemy attacks. A location setted on North Yankton's cemetery, so you have to load the map in order to play on this location. I'm using "Simple Trainer for GTA V" (https://es.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav), so maybe if you use other trainer or method to load North Yankton, it could be loaded somewhere else and the gang war location couldn't be there.

  • 1st: First release.
  • 2nd: fixed some problems with Trevor's Hideout (the starting point is now outside the meta lab), and Vespucci Alley Defense (removed the enemy spawning point on the Smoke on the Water store, since it closes at night and enemies will get stuck inside if you play it at night). Included new locations: Not Lost at All, The Paleto Bay Defense and North Yankton's Prayers.

Copy the *.ini files you want to GameDir/scripts/Gang War Locations, after installing the Gang War [.NET] script from GeorgeZhang and all the dependencies it require. Once you load your game, you should see red skulls on the map, each skull is a GangWar location. Go there, press E and follow the instructions.
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