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GTA V SweetENB 2.5 by Hellspawn92



This graphic mod is a combination of Reshade and ENB.
It's focused on giving this already beautiful game a touch of life.

In my opinion the game was too greyish, too flat, I felt like something
dynamic was missing. So I put the best efforts to give you more car's reflections, vivid lights, powerfull colors, better sky and lighting so you can FEEL the game a bit more.

It's cinematic, dark and colorful.

I invest a lot of time on it so you can actually "feel" the difference without loosing some details or the overhal atmosphere. Nights are darker but not pichblack, sun feel warm, colors are well contrasted, cars look closer to reality and so on.

Hope you will enjoy it,

Thanks for downloading.


- Improve MSAA
- Better MSAA for Vehicules
- More Reflections
- Better Sky
- Sharpness
- More Colors and Contrast
- Stronger Sun & Moon
- Enhanced Nights
- Better Lighting
- Better & New Lightsprites
- More Vehicules Deformation
- Enhanced Bloom


1- Download ENB 0.275 from here -> http://enbdev.com/download_mod_gta5.htm

2- Extract all the files from "WrapperVersion" to your main GTAV root folder

3- Download "SweetFX 2.0" from here -> http://reshade.me/sweetfx#download

4- Extract the "SweetFX" folder, "Reshade.fx", "Reshade64.dll" and "Sweet.fx" to your main GTAV root folder

3- Extract all the files from my "ROOT" folder to your main GTAV root folder,
replace all files when asked

4- Start your game and enjoy :)


-You can take screenshots by pressing "PrintScreen" (no more external software needed)

-Both effects will be activated at startup,
but you can still activate/desactivate one if you like:

-For Reshade (colors & lights): Press "Scroll Lock"

-For ENB (MSAA, reflections, sky & lightsprites): Press"Shift + F12"


(If it doesn't work or crash only)

1st Method

1.1-Go back in the "SweetFX 2.0" you previously downloaded and extract the "Reshade32.dll" to your main GTAV root folder

2.1-Open the enblocal.ini that yoou previously extract from the "ROOT" folder
and rename:



- Remove all the files previously installed from your main GTAV root folder


- Check your "display settings" and make sure your "brightness" is not set too high (screenshot from my setting included). It has a huge impact on your graphics

- Make sure all you GPU drivers are updated

- Programs like Steam Overlay, MSI Afterburn, Fraps, may interfere with Reshade, so I would recommand you to disable it.

- This mod is set for a fresh install, so if you already have some other
graphic mods installed, make sure there's no conflict between them.
I would highly recommand you to uninstall them before you install this mod.
You will still be able to mix things later if you want.

- If you want more FPS, try to disable AA in ...\Grand Theft Auto V\"enblocal.ini"
by replacing existing values with:


and disable FXAA in ...\Grand Theft Auto V\SweetFX\"SweetFX_settings.txt"
by replacing existing values with:

#define USE_FXAA 0 //[0 or 1]


As I want to ensure support and update on this mod, please do not reupload it on any other site. This mod is GTA5-Mods EXCLUSIVE !!!
You can still recommand it for to your timecyc/visual mod, just share the link. If you see or get these mod anywhere else than on www.gta5-mods.com,
please contact me.


- Rockstar Game

- Reshade by Crosire

- SweetFX v2.00 by CeeJay.dk

- ENBSeries v0.275 by Boris Vorontsov

- Presets by Hellspawn92


2.5 - Overahal enhancement

1.6 - ENB 0.275 update: New Night Lights, More Exposure, Less Saturated, More Vehicule Deformation and Better MSAA for cars !!!

1.5.5 - Better Sky, Better Night Light and Overhal Less Saturated

1.5 - ENB 0.274 update

1.0 - Original Setting
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