Better Ballistic Shield 1.0

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About the Mod:

This mod remakes the ballistic shield into something nastier, dirtier and better quality overall. Aside from a retexture, it also adds in bump maps and specular maps in order to provide better lighting.


The LATEST version of:



You are given two methods to install the mod:
1. Simplified installation via OpenIV Package Installer, which is provided in the mod.
2. The classic manual installation, just follow where the folders lead you to.


Nothing known, but if you encounter one, do tell, and a fix should come up!


Shield Mod by winject


Stryfaar - Retextures
420x420 - Bump maps and Specular Maps


You are not, in any way, allowed to redistribute this mod without permission from the mod authors.


1.0 (02.26.2017) - Initial release.

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