Gangsta Style Franklin 1.4

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Gansta Style Franklin V1.4
This mod makes Franklin shoot pistols and some SMGs with one hand in the same way as the Ballas and other gangsters.

V1.4 (December 27, 2017)
Updated all files to current GTAV Title Update 1.42 (Doomsday Heist)

Using OpenIV's new package installer, adding mods is crazy simple.
1. With OpenIV open, click on "Tools" in the toolbar, then "Package Installer".
2. In the window that pops up, open "Gangsta Style Franklin V1.4.oiv".
3. Click install, I HIGHLY recommend choosing "Install to mods folder", makes adding/removing mods and fixing any issues much easier.

Same as above, except "install" the "Gangsta Style Franklin V1.4 - Uninstall.oiv" file. It will replace modded files with original ones.

See the names of the folders? They are named after where the files go.
See the folder named "update-updaterpf-common-data-ai"?
With OpenIV in EDIT MODE, go to "mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai" and replace the file "weaponanimations.meta" with the one in "update-updaterpf-common-data-ai"
Now do the same with the other folders.

Follow same steps as installation, but now delete the game folder's "weaponanimations.meta".
Now add my "weaponanimations - backup.meta".
Then rename it back into it's original form, so it's just "weaponanimations.meta"

Known Bugs:
The 2-shot bug is basically fixed. However fixing it was tricky and weird so it may still pop up rarely.

Q: Can I use this mod or parts of it in my mod/modpack/script/whatever?
A: Yes, do whatever you want.
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