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Su-34 (product "T-10V", NATO codification: defender — the "Defender") is a Russian multi-role fighter-bomber, also positioned as a front-line bomber, designed to attack aviation means of destruction on ground targets in any meteorological conditions by day and night.

The concept of the aircraft implies the ability to perform precision bombing of targets in including in the mode armoured attack aircraft[4] at low altitude with the possibility of being in the dense heat of the air defense and the suppression of air defense, including an unusually powerful means of electronic warfare. While su-34 is designed with the possibility of self-defense against enemy fighters without the need for compulsory cover of their own fighters, including the fire fighters attacking the missile in the rear hemisphere.[6] Another distinctive feature of the su-34 is the provision of a range in approaching strategic bombers, including the unusually high means comfort with these long flights[7]. Su-34 is characterized by high load carrying capacity and therefore a large reserve of ammunition and fuel due to the aerodynamic scheme "Duck" (front horizontal tail).


1-Information [Addon]

2-This template has been started:
SU-34 [Add-On v1.0] by fantazer_rnd

3-[Add-On v2] by Panico Total

4-Custom Weapons / Missiles 3D by Panico Total :

- Machine gun
- 4x Missiles AGM


1-Information version 1.5:

-New: Hud and pilot readjusted
-New: Cockpit: Dials Working
-Added support for the bombs in the middle of the Hunt


1-Information version 1.0:

-New Model: Ingine / 2 Bomb / 2 Rocket
-New Map: Spacemap / Mask
-New: Glass / Hud
-New: Wheels 2-front, 4-back
-New Lights: Green, Red
-New: Canards
-New: Aileron (l-r)
-New: Airbrake (l-r) + Rudder

Crédits: PANICO TOTAL / fantazer_rnd
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