Hennessey Venom & Lotus Exige S Handling

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These handling files are for lunchxbles's Lotus Exige and replace the Voltic in game.

Hennessey Venom:

0-60: 2.4s
0-100: 3.9s
0-150: 7.2s
0-200: 13.2s
Top Speed: 275mph

These performance figures are all dead on the theoretical performance of the actual venom although a little faster than what it has actually done in real life. The first thing you notice with this car is you have to brake very early for turns. This is because it is so much faster than the regular lotus that even though the brakes are better, you're stopping from almost double the speed most of the time. Once you get used to that though, it is a relatively easy car to drive as there is a lot of rear grip to try and cope with the power. This means that it can be a little understeery at high speed but it's definitely manageable.

Exige S:

0-60: 4.2s
0-100: 10.1s
Top Speed: 147mph

I've made this very grippy but more inclined to oversteer than understeer. Also due to the short wheelbase and high grip it can be a bit snappy but overall it is a good handling car.

Full credit for the model goes to lunchxbles. Download the model files here https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lotus-exige-240-08.

Installation instructions in Read Me.
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