Foodworks: Food Delivery Pack [Add-On] 2.2

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From times when you had to kill for a meal to conscience-free deliveries - we've come a long way in means of quenching our hunger. And whatever killer order you got, you'll get it quick and straight to your door thanks to these rides. Sushi, pizza, noodles, and other cuisine from all over the world in the comfort of your suburban shack - now that's the dream. Bon appetite!

Do not re-upload without author's permission. Do not use the mod for commercial, financial or personal gain. Please note me if you want to use the model for a FiveM server. If you are interested in using the models from this mod, feel free to contact me.

This is a pack which adds some food delivery vehicles with custom signs on the roof and other details in the interior. Each vehicle is from different backgrounds; the Blista Compact, Futo, Rebel and Faggio Classic variants are delivery vehicles with small-time restaurant liveries, the Lokus variant is an unmarked sedan with restaurant signs on the roof with the liveries from either low-class or middle-class restaurants, the Blista, Faggio Sport and Panto variants are operated by middle-class restaurants, and the Dilettante variant is operated by vegetarian high-end restaurants.

Some of the tuning parts from Blista, Blista Compact, Futo and Panto has been mapped to be compatible with their food delivery variants.

An optional file is included for anyone who wants to see the vehicles to spawn at their respective restaurants.

Please do note that the mod's name is not an official mod pack of the Vanillaworks, but rather as a joke name within the community.

- Blista Compact - Liberty Style Pizza, Slice 'N' Dice, Sharkies Bites, The Well Stacked Pizza Co.
- Blista - Noodle Exchange, Pizza This, Bite!, Lucky Plucker, Gozushi
- Panto - Pizza This
- Dilettante - The Grain of Truth, Lettuce Be
- Lokus - Pizza This, Noodle Exchange, Sharkies Bites, Liberty Style Pizza, Slice 'N' Dice, Taco Bomb, Bite!, Ring of Fire, Nut Buster, Pot-Heads
- Rebel - Up-N-Atom (2 liveries)
- Futo - Tofu Delivery (4 liveries)
- Faggio Classic - The Well Stacked Pizza Co., Liberty Style Pizza, Pizza Face, The Cheesy Crust Pizza Co., Bishop's Chicken, Bolt Burger, Up-N-Atom, Wigwam Burgers
- Faggio Sport - Punk Noodles, Noodle Exchange, Pizza This, Slice 'N' Dice, Bite!, Chihuahua Hotdogs, Ring of Fire, Snr. Buns

- foodcar - Food Delivery Blista Compact
- foodcar2 - Food Delivery Blista
- foodcar3 - Food Delivery Dilettante
- foodcar4 - Food Delivery Panto
- foodcar5 - Food Delivery Lokus
- foodcar6 - Food Delivery Rebel
- foodcar7 - Food Delivery Futo
- foodbike - Food Delivery Faggio Sport
- foodbike2 - Food Delivery Faggio Classic

- S_M_Y_Delivery_01 - Delivery ped

- Rockstar Games - Original models
- TheF3nt0n - Model editings
- AlexanderLB - Liveries
- Dynamo - Pizza sign model
- ReNNie and JRod - Car generators
- Lozano71 - Mapped Dilettante
- Stryfaar - Delivery Ped
- CP - Converted Lokus
- Dani02 - Converted Rebel Sport
- mohaalsmeer - Pizza box
- Sealyx - Screenshots
- MyCrystals! - Description

- 1.0 - Initial release
- 1.0h - A hotfix for the ymap crash
- 2.0 - Added the Rebel, Futo and a custom delivery ped model to the pack, added more car generators, altered some car generators, fixed a few bugs
- 2.1 - The signs on the Blista, Dilettante, Lokus and Panto will light up at night
- 2.2 - Fixed a few bugs related to the deformation and car generators and removed the vehicle manufacturer names
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