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    Cool Mod! Will future versions include better, more realistic club scene peds? I'm seeing utility workers and other general peds. In relation to relevant peds, jedijosh920's version has a better club scene. In your version, the entrance and VIP areas are empty with the exception of the window attendant and gogo dancers. Overall, with all the functionality provided, I'd prefer your version over the others.

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    Hello, awesome mod! Is the front gate functional?

    17 октомври 2019
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    Awesome mod! Any idea why the rotating car on display disappears after a couple of seconds of hitting insert (or seconds after entering the Casino for the first time)? Unless I hit insert again, it never reappears (still disappears afterwards). Also, a similar thing happens with certain artwork on the walls of the penthouse. Some of the artwork disappears after walking up close to them (reappears if I walk away but the moment I walk up again, disappears). I bought the physical copy of GTAV and have downloaded the latest updates. Also I've installed the most current nativeui. Thanks in advance!

    28 септември 2019