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    How to play this mod without the game crashing on 100%: When it automatically puts you into the menu when you load in (into story mode from the GTAV main menu) or after a game, you need to select exit and press enter (so it exits the menu) then it should put you into Michaels bedroom. Now press F6, then select start then classic or arcade, press enter and enjoy!

    Rating 4.5 stars due to this bug, is worth 5 if the bug was fixed

    Idea: have vehicles spawn around the place (would suggest jet skis, ATVs, military jeeps, and maybe helis) and also let the peds use them (they seem to use the base GTAV AI system but just in case) and for balancing lower their health. another idea is the addition of squads, the squad peds follow and protect you, and there are other squads of 4 peds. just my ideas

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    im also having the crash on 100% issue

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    installed player companion, lemon ui and this mod but now my gtav wont open (says game files are corrupted)

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    @DSCADX Bug: whenever i go into the relationship menu and change any relationship it bugs out and scripthookv kills the script

    06 декември 2020
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    @DSCADX this mod is exactly what i have been looking for, and it is really well made. if you want an idea for something you could add (probably as another support option), a way so you fly over the main point of battle (zone or the players point right before the initial teleportation) in a titan but in the hold, and you could even have it go over the whole map (in a straight line across, for example like in BR games) in free combat, and what you could do is have it so the player would be stuck to the floor of the titans hold, but would unstick when they jumped, just so they can accidentally fall out, but its just an idea. (also another one have it so if you honk in a vehicle nearby allies come on it with you, and for helis you could do a rope the ally up thing, its another idea)

    27 ноември 2020