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    I'm having an issue. I noticed that after installing Tactical Grip I can no longer take out or put my weapon away while in first-person mode. Also cant do anything with the weapon wheel until I go back to third person, any ideas on what I did wrong while installing it? I only have this issue once I go on duty. When I'm off duty everything works completely fine. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    Found a way to make this work. However, it will only work for first person in vehicle & third person general.
    In the .ini file you need to edit the settings and add a ";" in front of Walking, Aiming, Crouching & ADS. Your file should look like this.

    ;Walking = 68
    Car = 68
    ;Aiming = 64
    ;Crouching = 66
    ;ADS = 60