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  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @Ouredfinest Yes, so long as EMF works similarly to .rpfs where it will override the vanilla model & texture files, then it should work just fine. I dunno how EMF works in relation with the weapons.meta file for iron-sight alignment or the scaleformgeneric.ytd that's included for the weapon wheel icon however, you might still need to use an OpenIV mods folder method for those

    30 септември 2022
  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @Crapule_of_Doom Well I can't really say for sure what the issue is tbh. There seems to be only select users having this problem, as everyone else I've spoken to on Discord servers says the mod works fine. Again, the best advice I can give is to make sure both your base game and your OpenIV mods folder are on the latest game update, as this does require critical files from that update in order for the car to function properly. Maybe even try a totally clean mods folder? (while being on the latest patch as I mentioned before)

  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @meowsandstuff Well this mod isn't mapped to a template, rather it's partially mapped like vanilla GTA cop cars, so there is none available I'm afraid. However, I have it on good authority that some other members from the lore friendly community are working on their own versions of a cop Greenwood that should be template mapped for skins. So keep an eye out, because I'm sure one of them might be dropping relatively soon!

  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @-EcLiPsE- I took it down because that mod wasn't up to my current standards production/care wise, and also I've changed my style of lore interpretation when it comes to EV's in general (Plus looking at that mod made me physically cringe nowadays) Not mention that whole model and many of its assets now are very outdated. I have plans to upload a newer, simpler mod in the near future that will just make the 2nd Gen model have more shared cues with the 1st Gen Stanier from vanilla GTA V, to make them feel more aligned as the same model family.

  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @FreakHolden @Dzheson007 @henri8456 Well, I can't say what exactly is causing this issue for all three of you, but I can say for certain it is NOT this mod. I've tried it numerous times on a clean OpenIV mods folder with nothing else running, other people who tested the mod reported no issues even after downloading the current version, so it is definitely something with each of your games.

    Again, BE DOUBLY SURE! You are running the latest patch which the original Greenwood debuted in (The Criminal Enterprises update, "Build 2699. Online 1.61") because this mod does rely on animation, vehicle layout files etc, that the base vanilla Greenwood uses. Also MAKE SURE! You are running "PackFile Limit Adjuster", "HeapAdjuster" (or another script which modifies heap) and that you have a "gameconfig.xml" which has been updated to work with the latest GTA V build, all of the above can be found here on 5-Mods btw. The latter three are pretty much required nowadays to play modded V with add-on cars and other mods! And no, having V from the EpicGames Store shouldn't be an issue to my knowledge.

    That is about all the advice I can give you to try and help. Once again, I maintain that it is not my particular mod which is causing the issues, but I can't really help much further without knowing your individual GTA V game set-ups. Apologies otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @meowsandstuff Hmm, can't say the chances are credible atm. BCSO/BCSD doesn't have much in the way of official lore assets by R*, rather it's all stuff made by the community that I personally can't vibe with (that is not to say any of them are objectively bad or poorly made etc, rather I just don't find myself being inspired to do stuff in their styles) Maybe if I ever do my own BCSO stuff in the future, or I eventually find a style for that department which I like, then maybe I'll do a Greenwood variant for Blaine Counties Sheriff. However, for now it is not looking likely. Sorry :T

  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @oldtimergamer6351 Planned for future updates! Actually, 11John11 acquired some images showing the real LAPD started testing Aerodnyic bars on a few Plymouth Furies towards the end of the 70s and into early 80s. So in a way this sort of period correct ;)

  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @WGotch07 I thought about that initially, but I kinda like the more GTA:O approach to vehicles where it comes as a stock civvy model at first, and then you can just up the crazy with all the different't kinds of tuning mods one can apply to it. Eventually making it into somewhat of a Race car loosely inspired off of something from the real world. Maybe If I ever get much better at 3D modelling and making components from scratch, I will consider making something of a Circuit/Hotring Torrence with much more callbacks to the Ford FG Falcon V8 Supercars from Australia

    10 октомври 2021
  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @A_mbien_t @Marksman @AlyxandraVance That's fair, tbh I wasn't really thinking that far ahead having both the front and back licence plates be their own tuning options, but I will definitely keep this idea in mind for future updates. Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you've all been enjoying the mod so far!

    10 октомври 2021
  • 1d745e kelda wave

    Hey man, just wanted to say that this mod is pretty good so far! I'm surprised no one has actually attempted something like this that properly brings back classic mechanics from the older GTA titles. I do have a some feedback, suggestions, and one bug that I've encountered during my time with this mod:

    - (Bug) I found that attempting to do the “Assault” option from the current crimes menu resulted in nothing happening. All other current crime options were not affected however and worked fine, which is really strange. Will keep trying to see if the bug was just a one time thing though.

    - (Feedback) Idk if this was intentional or not, but when I did the Ted Bundy Most Wanted mission, he had allot more health/armour than I was really expecting someone like him to have. Not even ramming him with my cop car was enough to really put him down, and due to him being armed with an SMG, I literally had to activate a God Mode via trainer to avoid getting absolutely shredded and killed. However, when I did another one of the MW missions, the main target I was meant to kill went down much more naturally after taking out the rest of his guards, and it didn't feel like an unnecessarily shoved in mini-boss (I'm reminded of some quite annoying LSPDFR callout plugins that would spawn a mass-shooter in full Juggernaut armour with an LMG, and expect you to "deal with it" somehow) If I had to make a suggestion on this, maybe tweak his health/armour down a little, so that he's still a considerable threat, but not a walking tank per say as he is right now

    - (Suggestion) Maybe look into including an option to “Call for Police Backup”? Much like how GTA IV's police computer would allow, would add some immersion to the more challenging most wanted missions.

    - (Suggestion) This is a really minor thing, but I'd suggest changing the police computers menu name to something like “Los Santos County Database” instead of what it is now. That's just the GTA lore nerd in me though. Since a lot of law enforcement in the vanilla game only references LSPD or Los Santos County, rather than the entire state of San Andreas (V's map is meant to be only set in the southern region of SA for the most part)

    Other than those small things, this mods great! As someone who doesn't like to play LSPDFR atm cause of the performance impact from RageHook, this is an easy 5-star rating from me! Looking forward to trying out future updates when you release them ^_^

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    21 септември 2021