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  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @WGotch07 I thought about that initially, but I kinda like the more GTA:O approach to vehicles where it comes as a stock civvy model at first, and then you can just up the crazy with all the different't kinds of tuning mods one can apply to it. Eventually making it into somewhat of a Race car loosely inspired off of something from the real world. Maybe If I ever get much better at 3D modelling and making components from scratch, I will consider making something of a Circuit/Hotring Torrence with much more callbacks to the Ford FG Falcon V8 Supercars from Australia

    10 октомври 2021
  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @A_mbien_t @Marksman @AlyxandraVance That's fair, tbh I wasn't really thinking that far ahead having both the front and back licence plates be their own tuning options, but I will definitely keep this idea in mind for future updates. Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you've all been enjoying the mod so far!

    10 октомври 2021
  • 1d745e kelda wave

    Hey man, just wanted to say that this mod is pretty good so far! I'm surprised no one has actually attempted something like this that properly brings back classic mechanics from the older GTA titles. I do have a some feedback, suggestions, and one bug that I've encountered during my time with this mod:

    - (Bug) I found that attempting to do the “Assault” option from the current crimes menu resulted in nothing happening. All other current crime options were not affected however and worked fine, which is really strange. Will keep trying to see if the bug was just a one time thing though.

    - (Feedback) Idk if this was intentional or not, but when I did the Ted Bundy Most Wanted mission, he had allot more health/armour than I was really expecting someone like him to have. Not even ramming him with my cop car was enough to really put him down, and due to him being armed with an SMG, I literally had to activate a God Mode via trainer to avoid getting absolutely shredded and killed. However, when I did another one of the MW missions, the main target I was meant to kill went down much more naturally after taking out the rest of his guards, and it didn't feel like an unnecessarily shoved in mini-boss (I'm reminded of some quite annoying LSPDFR callout plugins that would spawn a mass-shooter in full Juggernaut armour with an LMG, and expect you to "deal with it" somehow) If I had to make a suggestion on this, maybe tweak his health/armour down a little, so that he's still a considerable threat, but not a walking tank per say as he is right now

    - (Suggestion) Maybe look into including an option to “Call for Police Backup”? Much like how GTA IV's police computer would allow, would add some immersion to the more challenging most wanted missions.

    - (Suggestion) This is a really minor thing, but I'd suggest changing the police computers menu name to something like “Los Santos County Database” instead of what it is now. That's just the GTA lore nerd in me though. Since a lot of law enforcement in the vanilla game only references LSPD or Los Santos County, rather than the entire state of San Andreas (V's map is meant to be only set in the southern region of SA for the most part)

    Other than those small things, this mods great! As someone who doesn't like to play LSPDFR atm cause of the performance impact from RageHook, this is an easy 5-star rating from me! Looking forward to trying out future updates when you release them ^_^

    Разгърни за да можеш да прочетеш цялото съдържание на коментара
    21 септември 2021
  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @seb5a Hey man. I actually asked to have the original Oceanic mod removed, mainly because it was a low quality rebadge/reupload of my original Vapid Torrence mod which for some reason had the full model files included when they weren't needed, and the original author did not contact me nor even properly credit me back then before releasing that said mod. Sadly, I see this has not been the case here also, nor was any attempt made to identify the original author of that Oceanic mod. Therefore, I'm going to have to politely ask that the Oceanic (aka just my Torrence in all reality) be removed from this pack. Also Swed is right, your credit's section for this mod needs allot more work If I'm being honest, but the pack itself is a cool idea however

  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @Monkeypolice188 Strange, I'll let you know if I ever find out what might be causing it for me. Appreciate the response regardless!

  • 1d745e kelda wave

    This is a great mod, and really helps flesh out GTA's base siren systems even more, for both LSPDFR and normal V SP! Nice work, one thing I'd like to ask about though (and not sure if this is a bug or not) does this mod interfere with the base AI Cop peds being able to use their megaphone voice lines during wanted level pursuits?

    I ask this because I noticed after installing this mod, the male LSPD cop peds seemed to no longer use their megaphone audio lines ordering the player to stop their vehicle when in a wanted level chase, though interestingly you could still occasionally hear the audio of them saying to each other things like "Someone shoot this guys tires!" etc. However, I have my personal dispatch.meta set so that the female LSPD cop peds will also spawn when wanted, and it seems they are able to use all their megaphone dialogue just fine, while the male counterparts remain almost silent when in pursuit. I did do a quick test out of the city to see if the sheriff peds were affected at all, but they (both male and female models) seem fine and use their megaphone no problem, the only peds if was unable to check was the highway patrol officers on polbikes due their spawns being quite rare.

    Also in case your wondering, I don't have any mods installed that alter ped dialogue chances or anything, so I don't think there is a mod conflict somewhere. Just thought I would let ya know, in case this is a minor bug that went unnoticed, still a definitely worth a 5-star rating though. Keep it up man!

  • 1d745e kelda wave

    Glad I could be of help with this, since I know you've wanted to do an updated Stanier for a while now. I think the final product turned out pretty nice in the end! Will defo use this in my own game and for any future mods of mine which include a 2nd Gen Stanier

  • 1d745e kelda wave

    For anyone finding this mod and download doesn't work, I have temporarily disabled the file after numerous reports of the OIV Install method having an unintended effect of reverting already installed custom mod weapons back to their default state. Please be aware this was NOT my intention at all, the OIV install method was made purely by Stryfaar and not me, and also nobody reported this bug during testing prior to its release. I am fully aware of this issue, and it WILL BE FIXED come the next update, along with numerous improvements and other minor bug fixes.

    In the meantime, if you want a good lore friendly Glock that doesn't have as many issues, I recommend looking up the one made by fellow mod author AllenKennedy to tide you over. Once I again, I am extremely sorry this issue arose, and rest assured it will be fixed at some point in the near future!

    16 февруари 2021
  • 1d745e kelda wave
  • 1d745e kelda wave

    "I now have the sudden urge to not use my indicators ever again"
    (Jokes aside, nice work!)

    16 октомври 2020