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    Looks like a simple speed multiplier setting would help many people. I hope the author considers adding it.

    03 ноември 2022
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    @Makinolo Can you make wheel size configurable in the ini as well? Alternatively if the source is available, I can modify it for my needs myself too.

    07 октомври 2022
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    Nevermind. It worked once for some reason and doesn't work anymore.

    01 октомври 2022
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    For anyone looking for the same answer, I found a way to do it.
    I multiplied all the values in power curve settings with the same number.
    For example for 5x the speed, I set POWERCURVE = -0.42,8.925,42.848,19.18186,1250

    29 септември 2022
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    Thank you for this awesome mod.

    I just have one problem: I'm using Magene Speed-Cadence Dual sensor on speed mode with a horizontal exercise bike and when I pedal, the bike goes slow.

    I decreased user weight to 40 (which seems to be the lowest) to increase the in-game speed and it's still 0.8-1.0 max with 35-40W when I pedal.

    Is there a way to increase the speed more? I looked for a multiplier setting in the config ini, but setting weight lower than 40 seems to kind of break the mod.

    29 септември 2022