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    Deletes all your current mod files without prompt.. -.-

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    @ImNotMentaL Hi I love the mod but I found a few problems with it, when I import cars from SPG with the STP_Tool, all cars get (Null) as their name. Also when I put a new car in my garage it sometimes (quite often to be honest) takes the place of a car that is already parked in the garage (when there are still like 7 empty parking spots), and yes I moved the cars around so the 1st spot is free.

    Then finally I have a suggestion for the mod, I liked it in SPG that the garages you bought where owned by all your characters, so the cars where available for each character, which was really handy. I would love it if this would be an option for your mod, so you could save in each apartment with each character and also use your stored cars with every character c:

    I hope for a response and as I said, I really love your mod!