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  • Tubeguy

    @Schepeppa I had that happen some, but couldn't figure out why. Basically, a check that works when director mode detects your characters (to add them to the list) is failing when the mod attempts it. Maybe try hovering over each for 30+ seconds, or loading up both characters in turn, or switch between them from the Recent list, just mix it up. I had more success doing Stage Two before getting sent back to Story mode, but you can try after. Also, just try a couple times in a row, loading back into Director Mode if it fails. Just remember to close the log so you can see the updates.

  • Tubeguy

    @Tengerecki If they don't load in director mode, this mod won't help you.

  • Tubeguy

    @Schepeppa That's odd. Can you post what's in SkinRipper.log?

    That error message (that shows up above the minimap) happens at the start of Stage 1, before the Stage 1 complete message prints. Are you activating it three times instead of two? In game, you should only see stage 1 complete, as during stage 2 the game isn't in a state where the minimap alerts work.

    There is a half-second timeout (and it's OnRelease) to avoid accidental multiple activation. Think of it like typing A, you hold Shift, press a, and release both together, all fairly quickly.

  • Tubeguy

    @nkjellman I wouldn't call it an API. It "gets all the info" that I know of (and seems relevant to the character's appearance) and puts it in a plain text file. The readme explains the steps necessary to do so and how to use the extracted information to recreate the Freemode character. I also want to see if the steps involved work for others as well.

    You have to leave Story Mode to use this mod, but you do not have to enter any multiplayer modes. (I don't condone using mods to impact other players' experience.)

    It would be nice if SP had the freedom permitted on GTAO. I'm somewhat watching the RP and public server community.

  • Tubeguy
    Закачен коментар

    No longer supported. It hasn't been supported since 2015.

    Source released for educational use / forking. Please use a different name for any such projects.

  • Tubeguy

    @Whiteraven666 No. Without GTAV's engine, natives, and resources, the information this mod extracts is useless. I don't know enough about extracting resources and modeling to know how to convert the info into something those programs can use.

    @scarrymaker Not a replacement, to my knowledge, both Enhanced Native Trainer and Simple Trainer can do what Skin Control did. Plus I documented the natives in the native database and released the source so others can build and extend it themselves, preferably using a different name.

    @Evora This gets the information so other mods can do that. This doesn't do anything to GTAV just reads out information that is difficult to access.

    @NeO_mx This mod inspired by Take2.

  • Tubeguy

    I'm asking if it considers the character's model. Does it work for the three main characters independently? Does it work if someone changes to a NPC or animal?

  • Tubeguy

    Good, now I don't have to make this.

    Supports props?
    What happens when someone uses a model changer?

  • Tubeguy

    @chileno Mind changing your activation key to be on release instead of while pressed? Nice Fly doesn't work with https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/mod-menu-no-more-hotkeys and that seems to be the reason.

  • Tubeguy