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  • 755d6b gta v cover

    @Dennisb11234 My gaming accounts were hacked including my steam and twitch accounts. The hacker got me banned from Twitch for "elicit" posts and mass messaging something. Kind of still really p#$%ed off right now. Sorry, don't know when, if ever, i will get back into this; my heart isn't in it. Thank you all for your input and bug reports. Sorry do disappoint.

    28 февруари 2016
  • 755d6b gta v cover

    Hey guys. It's not dead but in the midst of a major update. I'm working on it when i can but it can easily become all consuming and then get burnt out. I have something i could put out there now but i'm not quite happy with it.
    @ENZLEY The reason the zombies and vehicles are spawned in that way are so the player doesn't see them pop in on screen. I'm sorry it shows in the editor. To change that would mean everyone would see zombies popping in wrong sometimes. maybe i can figure out an INI option or something.
    @whitefox I keep changing things. The inventory and loot system is close to being completed.

  • 755d6b gta v cover

    @jinroku Because Norton is 'over-precausious'. I was having the same trouble with ScriptHookV. You can tell norton to ignore it. Go into your security then history. Find the 'quarantined' files and highlight the file you want. There should be a 'restore' option somewhere in the window. Don't just go through randomly authorizing stuff. JUST the one you want.

  • 755d6b gta v cover

    @the_snooowman The fact it can work is good. Have you done any other changes or done any additional mods by chance? Also, are you overclocking your i5? Sometimes, for some reason, mods don't do well with overclocking your CPU. Also I know, from personal experience, some mods 'don't play well with each other'. Also, have you tried using other .net mods and do they work?

  • 755d6b gta v cover

    @the_snooowman The problem is there is something the mod isn't picking up on your machine. Please keep in mind i am not a dev but a guy who has learned by example. I've been trying to find out why your system isn't letting the mod find what it is looking for. Is your OS in german? I dunno if it matters but i want to poke around the forums a bit. You say LUA plugin? My mod uses no LUA related scripting at all. It should all be .asi or .dll. The only other one is the .ini which is the configuration file

  • 755d6b gta v cover

    @Alexkapi I will see what i can do. Another guy asked me to fix it so if he called 911 the marines don't attack the police officers. While in the 'Marines' part of the script i'll check it out. I have made huge changes in the script. I added an Inventory menu so you can use Antivirus, Bandages, First Aid Kits, or Vehicle Repair Kits. You can search all broken down vehicles, and if you find a 'Tool Kit' you can scavenge car parts to make the 'Vehicle Repair Kits' (It automatically builds the kit when the parts are accumulated). There are so many changes. So many. And of course, 'Can be infected' can be toggled for those who don't want to 'find the antivirus'. I am up over 3000 lines of code ATM.

    @Dodic25 Did you follow these instructions:
    1: DOWNLOAD SCRIPT HOOK V FROM: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v
    Install ScriptHookV.dll and dinput8.dll into your GTA V main folder. NativeTrainer.asi can go in as well if you are looking for a Native Trainer.

    2: DOWNLOAD Community Script Hook V .NET from:
    Place the 'scripts' folder, ScriptHookVDotNet.asi and ScriptHookVDotNet.dll into your GTA V main folder.

    ***Important: For Script Hook V .NET to work you need to make sure these are updated. If not sure download and install updates.

    2.1: Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42642

    2.2: Download Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015 (x64)

    3: Place LSIv1.4.dll and LSIv1.4.ini into the 'scripts' folder you put in your GTA V main folder.

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  • 755d6b gta v cover

    @agsjc ScriptHookVDotNet is currently in version 2.4. Try updating it.

  • 755d6b gta v cover

    @ Catfish Billy: I will look into that. I have made a TON of additions for the next release but I will check it out

    @agsjc is your .NET scripthook and scripthookv up to date? Is the game up to date? Is it cracked/pirated version.. I don't support those.

    @emlake23 Yes, Native Trainer works. I use it. Look in the .INI file to see the keys layout. 'O' is default script on/off. "I" brings up the in game menu. Arrow keys operate the menu like native trainer does.

    Next release has a vehicle search loot system, infection option, swarming or fighting zombies, and some other stuff as well.

  • 755d6b gta v cover

    @Alexkapi and
    I've been working on it when i can. The infection and infection meter are working perfectly. All options are saving to the INI correctly. Zombies can be set to 'slow swarm' or 'fast run with fighting'. Went a bit further and set up a BASIC vehicle search engine. You can find random things like ammo in police cars or health / antivirus in ambulances (if you want to use Infection option). I cannot, however, get the ammo to apply to a gun properly when ammo is found. Once i get that sorted i am going to release it.

    27 декември 2015
  • 755d6b gta v cover

    @Alexkapi I'm trying man. Real life and all.

    But so far:
    I did solve a performance issue with the new zombies swarming and not fistfighting for the update.

    Instead of the no traffic or broken down traffic option i was able to make it two different modes now. You can either have the broken down traffic OR regular pedestrians and regular traffic where the zombies will go after everybody indiscriminately hehe. Feels like the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

    All options you set are saved to the INI properly. For instance it will save current weather when you turn off the mod, so if you set 'thunderstorms' and the sky clears up, it will save a clear sky next time you play and vise versa. All toggles from the menu are also saved.

    Solved a performance lag spike when any type of military vehicle is spawned.

    Still tinkering with the Infection meter.

    13 декември 2015