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  • Trevor2

    Oh I also thought of a handicapping system, often you can be a bit overpowered with a build up of friendly AI and too few enemies, making it impossible to lose. How about a customizable system where you can stack the odds against you.

    I.e Enemys spawn 3:1 or 2:1 over allies. Which could make things more challenging!

  • Trevor2

    Wow. You did it! A while back I asked for some way to use this with DLC maps and happy to report I'm fighting my way through Vice City, Shibuya, SFLV and more. Thank you!

    One last request for this awesome mod... Could we get an 'Army of One' mode when attacking enemy turf where no friendly AI Spawns? If it's now based on a ticket system the player could be the one ticket and lose on death

    I ask this as I use Advanced Bodyguards, but they always end up fighting the friendly AI even If they are the same ped. Kinda sucks. I also feel This would also be a good challenge for any lone warriors cut off from support and holding the line!

    This excellent mod keeps getting better though! Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Trevor2

    Just tried again. Once I get into the target vehicle the mission message says 'Catch up to Vehicle' as a constant message. Tried a few things, getting out, telepprting around, but cant get the waypoint to appear. After this I cannot access Warehouse (as I'm guessing it thinks I'm still on the mission)

  • Trevor2

    I'm having the same trouble with no way point appearing after hijacking the target vehicle. I was actually playing without cops via ENT, but encountered the same nav issue.

    Like your other mods this looks amazing though and have been able to access other elements of the features without issue.

    Thank you for the wonderful work. Hopefully a fix / workaround can be found but I am genuinely impressed with everything you've done so far!

  • Trevor2

    Incredible. I am truly in love with your mods. Please tell me you are making more? Would love to see what you can do with bringing other online content to SP.

    Truly, you are becoming a hero of mine. Thank you so much for these well crafted mods. They are fantastic!!!!

  • Trevor2

    So so cool. Thank you. Works really well!

  • Trevor2

    Awesome modwork. Love it!

    I am having an issue where when I enter the business with product ready I get an endless loading screen. Have you come across this before at all? It's the black screen with the small circle. I have fully updated the scripthooks. Updated them today to play your mods!

    Aside that it's honestly amazing work.

  • Trevor2

    Great mod. Thank you.

    One tiny thing I've noted is quite a slow rate of fire on the main gun, but I'm guessing that's a more realistic approach being taken, how would I bring this in line with the Rhino'srate of fire?

    Cheers and sorry to ask, I do love this tank!

    14 декември 2019
  • Trevor2

    @danistheman262 awesome! One bug I've encountered, the drill doesn't push up enough to break the locks. (I am using a controller though)

    15 ноември 2019
  • Trevor2

    Great script! Would it be possible to make you character wear a bag (heist bag prop) once you've grabbed the cash?

    15 ноември 2019