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  • 236a4c simbolo dax hd

    Does this mod allow me to modify first person FoV? all i need is 5 more degrees in horizontal FoV so i can have my perferred 90 for Sp games.

  • 236a4c simbolo dax hd

    NVM, I fixed it! :D

  • 236a4c simbolo dax hd

    However there seems to be an incompatibility with the iFruitAddon2 mod, so this mod wont work as long as i have iFruitAddon2 :(

  • 236a4c simbolo dax hd


  • 236a4c simbolo dax hd

    Correction, this is the link for the file with the doubled values https://mega.nz/file/bM5QTbgT#BuWsRDKSON0GPeI4cXEeJnON4e1--UGfct7j2yzR2oI I'm dumb

  • 236a4c simbolo dax hd

    Here's the subtle version ( https://mega.nz/file/KRAXDAbD#Rq84vqIAysyLG9vUVKeda7k06S3n0ex7nVmEKJE_7kI ), where i only increased the value of the deformation multiplier by 0.2, I also upped the collision damage multiplier for most regular vehicles by 0.2 so the engine will break more asily if you crash at high speed, it still takes quite a beating tho.

    and here's one where i took those deofrmation multiplier values that were increased by .2 and doubled them ( https://mega.nz/file/KRAXDAbD#Rq84vqIAysyLG9vUVKeda7k06S3n0ex7nVmEKJE_7kI ) It works way better than i expected, with this you'll see way more bending in cars when crashes happen.

    However one thing I noticed is that most of the Online DLC cars have a rather stiff deformation system and despite how much i increased the modifier thy'll barely contract or bend when crashing, guess the problem is with the way the cars were made by the devs, still, most of the cars that'll normally spawn in single player will be affected by the deformation multiplier.

    I'm not really a modder and I wounldn't want to spread this mod across several pages, It'd be great if you could add it as an optional file, I made those tweaks for personal use but there are probably some people out ther who also want those for their games, so I wanted to share them with y'all.

    Hope you guys like it!

  • 236a4c simbolo dax hd

    I did it! the change is very subtle as i gave all values of fDeformationDamageMult a flat increase of 2 decimals, and an increase to all the fCollisionDamageMult values that were at 0.7 to 0.9.

    As a result you'll have slightly more deformation per crash and a bit more damage done to your vehicle.

    With sport cars at high speeds this can make crashes quite punishing as 1 or two crashes will generally mess up one of your wheels, limiting your speed and/or steering capabilities.

    If you want to modify the values you can find those lines in every handling.meta file, you can do it more easily with notepad++ by opening all the handling.meta files at the same time and using the replace function to replace all the lines in all the files.

    I even compiled it all back into an OIV file, if you give me permission i'll post a link to the file in a comment.

  • 236a4c simbolo dax hd

    I may be able to do it... but as it is is probably gonna be painstaking as I’d have to modify each value individually and then do it as well for the dlc vehicles.

    Also, I’m no modder nor a very good programmer, still, if I did do those tweaks, do I have your permission to post it, at least here in the comment section?

    I also would like to ask you if there’s a tool that makes it easy to modify OIVs other than OpenIV.

    Sorry for the wall of text.

  • 236a4c simbolo dax hd

    This mod is amazing! it's just the right ammount of improvement form vanilla that wont totally feel out of place in the game! there's only one thing i'd like to request if possible.

    Is there a chance you'll ever add an optional install with higher deformation values for cars? so crashes cause actual significant damage to your ride, specially at high speeds.

  • 236a4c simbolo dax hd

    Can I use any other trainer or does it exclusively have to be simple trainer?