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  • Starlet

    I was curious if this is intentional or unavoidable. I have this and it seems to work, but my joy was killed when 7 times out of 10 I would pick up a person via the gun and shoot them at a building (or any other structure) and they just bounce off of it. Occasionally they'll hit it, I'll hear a satisfying crack and I'll see their brains splattered on the wall. But most of the time they just bounce off, either into oblivion or onto the ground where they get up unharmed. Is this something that can be fixed?

    28 септември 2015
  • Starlet

    It seems my bodyguards aren't firing their guns at all. I have 7 of them, and they all have my gun, but they just point it at the enemy and stand there, even when we're getting shot at. How do you fix this?

    27 септември 2015