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    Hi! I'll start by stating what I want (that sounded like I was about to demand a ransom, lol, unintentional) because I struggle to gage what things actually do and how they do it with things like this, thanks ADHD. So, I need something that can streamline removing and reinstalling mods for me, if such a thing exists. Ideally, I'd be able to click a button and have chaos mod, script hook V, native trainer, simple trainer, all vanish into the digital ether. And then, given that I have these files saved elsewhere, be able to reinstall them with little issue, all the while my vanilla GTA V files are left untouched. It may be worth noting that I have the R* Launcher version? okay, so my question being, did you design this to do that, or something similar?

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    Hi, I'm curious as to whether this is compatible with chaos mod? I'm new to modding anything other than Bethesda games, it's difficult gaging what's compatible and what isn't.