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    @Reyser Keep telling yourself that.

    This is rubbish, just random props stuck to a vehicle.

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    First of all, 770 downloads does not equal 770 people who downloaded. I'd be amazed if this site even had that many active members. As for the moderators, I'm pretty sure minors don't count.

    Second, it's not MY definition, it's THE definition. It's not a mod, that's a fact, just because a few people deluded themselves into thinking otherwise doesn't change that. If 700+ people say tomatoes are blue does that automatically make tomatoes blue? No

    And third, that's even assuming that you're right, which you aren't. The fact that they downloaded it doesn't mean they agree with you or disagree with me. I downloaded it too, I wouldn't have rated otherwise. So far only three people have openly disagreed with me, that's pretty far from your 700+ estimate, one might question your ego.

    So it's perfectly ok for someone to give a good rating for no reason at all like "this is nice" or "I like this" but every time someone gives it less than 5/5 they have to give a detailed and "valid" explanation for it? How does that work? How is that fair? Simple: it's not.

    Now if you'll excuse me I'll go have myself a good cry before I get banned.

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    @caruana269 Ah right, my mistake again. You didn't throw a fit over a rating, you went crying to the moderators. Big difference.

    It's not a mod, deal with it.

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    @caruana269 We wouldn't be here if you hadn't thrown a fit over a rating. Learn to take criticism.

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    Nice. Any chance you can remove the stupid yellow headlights as well?

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    @caruana269 Easier? Yes. Fair? No. Like I said, giving you the same rating as someone who puts actual effort into their content would be an insult to them.

    Bringing back the ability to silently like or dislike a submission on the other hand would be both easier and more fair to everyone. But unfortunately whoever runs this show at the moment cares more about people's feelings than actually keeping the site clean, maintaining it's integrity or treating everyone fairly.

    @Reyser Yeah go ahead and delete the comments, that's all you're good for.

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    @Reyser Ah yes "valid" comments, of course. Silly me.

    As I said, delusional. We're done here.

    @caruana269 Yeah that's not how it works. When you go to vote, does someone ask you why you voted for a certain candidate and cancel your vote because it's not "valid" or you don't have a "good enough reason" for it? No. All reasons are valid, same goes here.

    As for the subject at hand, I don't like it because it's not a mod, I don't know how many times I have to repeat that. It's just a preset for something you "made" in a trainer. It's closer to a savegame than a mod, and you expect me to give you the same rating I would to someone who has to put actual work and technical skills into their creations? That's like giving first place to the kid who shows up at a science fair with a non-functioning volcano made of Lego's.

    I'm amazed Reyser is supporting this, since he actually released mods for GTA V (as in proper ones). I've yet to release anything for GTA V yet, I've only modded simple games and the thought of Menyoo "mods" being judged on the same basis still annoys the hell out of me.

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    @Reyser You're the one censoring comments and deleting ratings you don't agree with, and forcing people to rate every mod 5/5 no matter how shitty it is (or even a mod at all). Yet I'm the unreasonable one? You're a new level of delusional, friend. I rest my case.