Liberty City, 3D Universe
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  • 38e4e7 valk 2.0 tp2

    I don't know why but I still go back to check this car once in a while. Guess I'm still hoping a rear door support will come at some point.

    08 октомври 2019
  • 38e4e7 valk 2.0 tp2

    Beautiful work.

    If I may ask tho, why do people, when they make these cars, prefer to do a replace instead of an add-on? Very rarely do I find someone doing an addon.

    01 октомври 2019
  • 38e4e7 valk 2.0 tp2

    I actually ended up doing a bit of a test. With this mod, what breaks the online interior seems to be whatever RagePluginHook is plugging in. I think AdvancedHook still affects AfterHours SP but it makes no difference for this mod. When the game is launched using RPH, the online maps doesn't load at all. When ran normally using the same config, they load fine. The Casino exterior (where the main door is supposed to be) is still blank however.

    I also noted that some of the textures are... odd (https://i.imgur.com/UedPdX9.png), but it may be some issue in my personal configuration. Also I forgot to plug in a rating, sorry.

  • 38e4e7 valk 2.0 tp2

    This is a trainer that I've been using since who knows when. My best gratitude towards all who keeps maintaining it! Quick question tho, most MP interiors in the game seem to refuse loading, even with Online MP maps toggle, is this because of a conflict like After Hours with AdvancedHook, or is it something else? Say, with Diamond Casino the exterior properly changes to the MP one, but the entrance is a blank leading to the gray hell. Or if you teleport to an interior, you'll just be going into that same blank hell too. With OpenInteriors basically out of commission due to game/ScriptHook updates, getting to those places is almost unsupported today.

    Keep up the great work otherwise!

  • 38e4e7 valk 2.0 tp2

    Great looking mod. Do you plan on adding support for MP Freemode characters and the apartment that is used in LSPDFR 0.4?

  • 38e4e7 valk 2.0 tp2

    @Stellasin Aw damn, so unless there's some miracle, you won't be adding rear passenger support? Yeah, I think going with the red needles was a great decision, so I'll probably go into the ytd and edit out the placeholder digital dial. Speaking of speed, the handling you did for this car is tbh actually also quite phenomenal. It feels a little lacking in corners but it does have a certain grounded-ness that I surprisingly really liked. In a way, I guess it felt real, so kudos for that!

  • 38e4e7 valk 2.0 tp2

    The RX-8 is one of those cars that I hold dear into my heart, thank you for making such an absolutely gorgeous rendition! Mind if I ask if you're planning to add a back seat support? I've been getting back with LSPDFR, and it would be great to finally have a great car where I can stash em in. Some other RX-8s have done them, but they have not been of this quality. One more less important thing, do you have plans on making the digital speedometer functional? Absolutely great mod otherwise, keep up the amazing work!