The Broken Dawn: Gang and Turf Configuration. 1.1


Step 1: Install the Gang And Turf Mod.
Step 2: Drag and drop the gangModData into the main directory.
Step 3: Install ScriptHookV.Net, ScriptHookV, NativeUI.
.NET Framework ≥ 4.8 AND Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 x64)
Step 4: Launch and Enjoy.
Want a Backstory? Well here it is: The year is 2012, Marines were allies with Merryweather until 1 year later,
A gas attack was launched on 2013 causing 50+ Civilian and Marine Casualties, It took 2 years for the Marines
to figure out who launched it, Merryweather has been working with a enemy alliance for many years.
Merryweather didn't just planned this and just attacked, The plan was to make the Marines fight a different line
and Merryweather would secretly take US Soil, General, Ikal reported a battle in the east and that is when marines
took notice of Merryweathers secret plan, US Soldiers and Marines were deployed to evacuate Civilians and set up
Checkpoints. General Ikal finally said, "This is the start of WW3."
Bugs: Tanks randomly sit and fire at nothing, Calling in backup would make someone just leave a car once spawned,
Sometimes at the very bottom, If you have a Trainer a sentence would appear. (WHEN YOU RIGHT CLICK)
And that's kinda all of it.
Contact me if you find more Bugs.
Im also gonna add more photos and pictures once I have the time.
B - Open mod options/gang options and upgrades menu
Shift + B - Open contextual registration menu: gang member registration when on foot and facing a pedestrian, vehicle registration when inside a vehicle
N - Check current zone name and ownership
Shift + N - Open zone controls menu
Ctrl + N - Toggle between zone blip modes (show nearest 5, show all, show none)
Aim at friendly member + H - Add/remove member to/from group (he will follow you around)
Aim at friendly vehicle + H - Make the vehicle back you up (come to you and drop passengers if you're on foot; escort you if you're inside a vehicle)
Aim at friendly member + J - Take control of target member (the armor bar represents the member's health) / return to protagonist
Spacebar (when controlling a member that has been killed) - Take control of nearest member
Credits to lucasvinbr for making the Gang and Turf mod.
Military: Removed Single Gas mask, Replace Buzzard into a Combat Buzzard
Merryweather: Added Tank, Added Helicopter.
Added Merryweather Faction
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