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LSPDFR ENHANCED - A new level of your gameplay!
Enhance Your LSPDFR Experience with LSPDFR Enhanced!

Dive into a more structured and immersive role-playing environment with LSPDFR Enhanced, the must-have plugin for any serious LSPDFR player. Our plugin introduces comprehensive features that bring your virtual law enforcement career to life.

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Key Features:
- Shifts System: Operate within a realistic 12-hour shift schedule that alternates every two days. Start and end your shift at designated police stations and don't be late to avoid penalties.
- Experience and Ranks: Gain experience by handling duties such as responding to callouts, arresting suspects, and managing traffic stops. Progress through ranks, each with specific perks including assigned police stations, vehicle access, and salary increments.
- Dedicated Garage: Access a garage tailored to your rank, containing vehicles you’re authorized to use, maintaining the classic LSPDFR setup for familiarity.
- Hunger and Sleep Mechanics: Manage your character’s hunger and sleep to maintain efficiency. Neglecting these can lead to decreased performance and visual impairments, adding a layer of strategy to your gameplay.
- Fuel System: Keep an eye on your vehicle’s fuel levels. Refuel at any station without charge while on duty to stay mobile and responsive.
- Time Scaler: Customize how real-time minutes translate into game time through the Settings.ini, allowing for a tailored shift duration.
- Enhanced HUD and Blips: Stay informed with an expanded HUD showing your rank, experience, financial status, and essential stats. Use the F7 button to toggle visibility of various helpful blips.
- Consequences of Death: Face the risks of the job. A configurable chance of character death means every decision could be your last. Survivors benefit from recuperation time.
- Daily Rent: Keep up with the economic demands of daily life by paying rent for your apartment, directly deducted from your in-game finances.

Customization at Its Best:
Configure everything from rank details to system settings in the customizable XML and INI files. Set your experience points high for a quick promotion or tweak game mechanics to suit your playstyle.

  1. Put the contents of the "GTA V FOLDER" folder into the folder where your GTA V is located.
  2. (optionally) Install "LSPDFR Enhanced logo (optionally)".
  3. After step 1, load this plugin the same way as other plugins for LSPDFR (just go on duty).
  4. Now that you have loaded the plugin, press the key responsible for displaying its main menu (F6 by default).
  5. Click "Start New Career".

To learn more about the plugin, all its features and how to play with it, join our discord server (https://discord.gg/YgjJ7Xs9Ht).

  • Dozens of cafes have been added across the map.
  • Coffee changes the player's fatigue state to "Rested," but only for a moment.
  • The price of coffee depends on the player's fatigue level.
  • Drinking coffee is similar to eating at the store (look at screenshots).
  • Added markers at shop/fast food/restaurant/cafe locations.

  • A developer plugin feature that was not removed in the previous version has been removed.
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