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(2nd of February 2018)
Yay! I'm back! :)
Finally got the will to work on this mod again! :D
Currently trying to add survivors, and what should I say... they work :D
At least, they are spawning in and follow you around once you get close to them, only use the Pistol MK2 for now :/
More to come :D

Later that day...
Hey there :)
I've created a Trello Board for this mod :D
You can visit it here: https://trello.com/b/Zu00xuh6
You can leave suggestions there under the "Suggestions" card if you want to :)


Welcome to my second mod Los Santos' Darkest Day!

What does it do?
It brings back the dead into the realm of the living to always haunt your dreams... and maybe hunt you... well... they will.

Why another zombie mod?
There can't be enough apocalypse variations inside GTA V.
Everyone does it differently, one uses the Vinewood Zombie 512 times and the other one spawns peds fitting in the area with a population multiplier depending on the zone, and another one adds loot, an inventory system, enemies and other survivors!
This is what's called "variation".
And variation is great imho.

What's so different about your mod?
It's nothing special, really. Just put together within two days of research and work (didn't even take a break. Of course I need to eat and drink! Stupid question.)
Well some things are special, like spawning 5 different vehicles for you to discover and (mis)use!
(Sometimes some vehicles won't spawn at all... I guess this will be fixed with the next update of ScriptHookVDotNet, because I am using quite a different method of spawning vehicles right now...)
Or pressing T on your keyboard to open the drivers' door and kicking away zombies with it while driving (Thanks for that Contagium! (GTA IV mod)) and that you get MKII weapons (just the Pistol atm...).
The other things are for you to discover!

And what about...
NO MORE QUESTIONS SOLDIER! We don't want to answer everything here!

What about controls? I wanted to ask that!
Oh, sorry then.
Pretty simple:
  • Open Menu: F11
  • Navigation: Default UI Navigation
  • Open door: T

Enough now...

What do I need for this?

So guys, if you have any questions: Feel free to ask in the comments!

CHANGELOG (Trello: https://trello.com/b/Zu00xuh6)
  • Version 1.0a (25th June 2017)
    • initial release

  • Version 1.1a (26th June 2017)
    • Territory control [ArcticWinterZzZ]
    • Menu setting for multiplier control (less FPS drops if set correctly) [AKmaster]
    • Show the last ten zombies per area on the minimap (because some will spawn on the roof)
      • (Drive away and they will respawn)

  • Version 1.2a (29th June 2017)
    • Sound effects [AKmaster]
    • Army patrols [Alexkapi]
    • Even more sound effects
    • NativeUI stuff (Big Messages, Timer Bar (Bottom right)
    • Timer Bar shows you how many Zombies you need to kill in your current area and the remaining ones in Los Santos
    • FIXED: God mode when using Trainer [TM1195]
    • FIXED: Zombies spawning on roofs

  • Version 1.2b (29th June 2017)
    • FIXED: Version date was incorrect

  • Version 1.3a (1st July 2017)
    • Stop zombies from climbing ladders (new setting) [Murphy47]
    • Melee weapons for Zombies [FachryF]
    • Enable/Disable sounds (because the current screaming may seem unrealistic) [AKmaster]
    • Enable/Disable headshot only [AKmaster]
    • Set zombies health [AKmaster]
    • List of cleared areas in the menu
    • Zombie animals (new option) [FachryF]
    • Three-Phase-Mode (Contagium - GTA IV) [Alexkapi & Alessios2000] (NEEDS TESTING)
    • FIXED: Animation not playing on already spawned zombies ("Slow"-Mode)
    • FIXED: Crash when respawning [Murphy47] (possible workaround, needs testing)

  • Version 1.4a (3rd July 2017) (a.k.a. "Let-Me-Clean-Up-My-ToDo-List"-Update)
    • Choose army model [Alessios2000 & Alexkapi]
    • Different types of patrols [Alessios2000] (NEEDS TESTING)
    • Zombies pull/don't pull you out of the car (new setting) [Murphy47]
    • Special additions
    • FIXED: Crashing (related to AnimalZ climbing ladders)
    • FIXED: Army units sometimes shown as enemies [Alessios2000]
    • FIXED: Crashing (might be related to phase two, but my guess is that it's just related to the AnimalZ) [Alessios2000] (NEEDS TESTING)
    • FIXED: Speed selection still changable when "Contagium mode" is activated

  • Version 1.5a (16th July 2017) (a.k.a. "Holy-Shit-It-Is-Late-...-Too-Late"-Update)
    • Removed Merryweather patrols - (Will be readded in a future release)
    • Combo vehicles - more to come
    • Looting - Six shops are lootable
    • Discovering areas - Adding settings for "subtle", "noticable - simple" and "noticable" (sometimes crashes)
    • Removed 5 special vehicles
    • Inventory and survival stats [Murphy47] - Needs more items
    • Survival mode - Shows survival stats: hunger, thirst
    • Logfiles (if the mod crashes you can send me this so I can investigate the problem even better :) (for now it's just looking cool :D) (you have to enable this setting in the settings file)
    • FIXED: Blood textures disappearing when zombies are close [P00Wizard1208] - Needs more tweaking
    • FIXED: Cops mistaking you for the enemy
    • FIXED: Army patrols not working as intended



      BIG = Scrapped
      BIG italics = Scrapped for now
      italics = done
      underlined = currently being worked on

    (If nothing is underlined I may have forgotten to do so or I work on something special I don't want to mention here ;). This mod is under constant development right now)

  • Might get into 1.6a
    • Spreading mode [ArcticWinterZzZ] (Like in Contagiums' first phase)

    • Survivors [Silicone & FachryF]
    • Vaults and/or Safezones [Silicone] (Added two safezones, not done)
    • Three-Phase-Mode (Contagium - GTA IV) [Alexkapi & Alessios2000] - Works great so far
    • Deploy ground units by cargobob (rappel or landing) [Alexkapi]
    • Phase three: Military checkpoints [Alexkapi]
    • Disabling hospital respawns
    • Ally and enemy base [Hahnlowa371]
    • Adding blueprints for known combo vehicles
    • Crafting [Murphy47]
    • Merryweather patrols
    • Saving stats (killed zombies per area and in Los Santos, areas cleared, ...)
    • Lootcrates [lulian27]
    • Entering bunker with vehicle
    • Adding blips for zones
    • Broken down cars [Silicone] - Need to find another way
    • Phase three: Abandoned emergency vehicles [Alexkapi] - Rare to encounter (1 in 200 chance) (needs "Broken down cars" to work)
    • Finding a way to enable all zombies to attack [LavtusPudge] . I would have to create my own Entity for this, so not right now

Hey there :)
I've created a Trello Board for this mod :D
You can visit it here: https://trello.com/b/Zu00xuh6
You can leave a comment there under "Suggestions" if you want to :)
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